The (New) Rules of the Road

When A. was small and sitting facing backwards in her car seat while I drove, I began to curb my cursing at other drivers on the streets of San Francisco. Let's be honest: the drivers here are the worst. The WORST. And I grew up in Boston and learned to drive on the BQE, so that's saying something. I swear a lot here. Or I used to....more

What To Say When You Don't Know What to Say

Something bad or unfortunate has happened to someone you know. Here's what you say. You say:"I'm so sorry. I can't imagine how difficult this is. I'm just really so sorry."That's it....more
Well said.more

Top Five Better Vice Presidents Than Paul Ryan

On Saturday, Bland White Dude in Waiting Mitt Romney announced super-aggressive youngster Paul Ryan as his running mate in the 2012 presidential election....more

Free Falling

Here is who falls down flights of stairs:ClownsJason BourneMe(Just so we're clear, I use "falls" in a general way to cover, "intentionally falling down a short flight of circus stairs in order to get laughs from children," "being thrown down dark stairways by assassins," and, "slipping on too-long pajama bottoms with a.) no premeditated intent to fall, or b.) anyone threatening pursuing you from the bedroom behind you...and why would there be because it's 11AM on a Tuesday?")...more

The Goddam Glass Is Half Something

I'm bad at searching for very specific things on the internet. I know this because, after spending two hours making nice with Google and no headway in tracking down that quote from the movie we saw that one night when it was raining in 2004, I lose it, R. offers to help, and he finds what I was looking for in about 30 seconds. Which is infuriating. But he has really nice hair and I have what I was looking for, so I get over it....more

In Praise of Facebook Stalking An Ex

There have been a few poorly-defined, unfinished relationships that have stuck with me past the departure date though. Those are the ones where I've found that some mild cyber-stalking can really put the lid on things. ...more
 @CroMom Big love to the "look around you" part of that! Sometimes seeing glimpses of other ...more

The Bébé and the Bathwater

In case you haven't come across any of the reviews or comments or coverage in the press about Bringing Up Bébé over the last month since it was released, here's the basic outline:...more