Meal Pinning Monday

It's officially the last week of summer....more

Back to the Reality That is Pumping

After this week I can't even pretend to muster up some frilly 5 on Friday post.It's been rough.A baby that has cried through naps. The realization that work starts in a week. Teething ....more

Breakfast Pumpkin Custard

After a month of straight sweet potatoes, eggs, and sausage for breakfast I was dying for something different.I can eat the same thing for ever meal but after a few weeks I'm beyond burned out. I also didn't want to make my green pancakes and totally derail from Whole30 at the time. I've since then basically derailed from Whole30 and gone back to just eating Paleo, but technically Primal because I like a little cream in my coffee ....more

I Heart Pinterest - Back to School

School is upon us teachers! Like it or not.I recruited my hubby this past week to come and hook up computers, which saved me I don't ever know how much time. There's no telling how that would have gone if I was being yelled at by the baby the entire time.All that's left now is a bulletin board or two and a bit or organization.Oh, and tracking down my computer cart with my printer on it ....more

Meal Pinning... Tuesday

This week y'all....more

being a healthy mama

I've been open with y'all throughout my pregnancy and even post pregnancy with struggles I've had.Especially health related ones that caused me to completely change my diet this summer in a effort to fix things, which it did. Can I get a yippee for a baby that is sleeping better and a mama that completely got rid of a birthing related postpartum side effect! There is still only so much I can fix with food, and I'm a big believer that food can fix quite a bit ....more

Paleo Blender Hollandaise

One of our favorite breakfast for dinner recipes is Eggs Benedict, Whole30 aside, I've had to cut out dairy (for nursing) and wheat (to solve my own postpartum issues) so the traditional way I make it just doesn't foot the bill....more

How I Quit Washing My Hair Everyday

I have a hair type that basically demands it be washed daily.Not thick, not thin. Greasy roots that show oil. Straight and brown.Brown.Oh brown hair and your ability to glisten when you take on grit and oil.These are the moments that make me wish I was a curly thick headed blonde.While I was on maternity leave for two months I didn't exaclty plan to not wash my hair, the screaming newborn and being home alone with zero help during the day just sort of caused me to not wash it.I was just doing good to bathe.At the end of the first 6 weeks I started to notice that by not washing my hair daily it had quit looking so greasy on day 2 ....more

Meal Pinning Monday

Lucky for us we have a pretty uneventful week this week....more

Five on Friday

It's been an eventful week around here....more