Something I Wish People Knew

Today's Blog-tember topic is: Something you wish more people knew or believed.I'm just going to talk about right where I'm at in life now.I'm on my 8th year of teaching, and for 6ish years of it I was constantly told that if I were a mother I'd be a better teacher. As if suddenly you have compassion for kids because you were in labor at some point.One year I even had a parent yell at me over the phone that I didn't have children, admit I didn't have children. My response: That wasn't a graduation requirement for my Master's Degree ....more

Blogtember: Favorite Recipes Posts

Today I'm listing my favorite blog posts, and since my main focus for the majority of my time blogging has been food I'll share my top 5 favorite posts from my recipe vault. Enjoy!Oh and true story, I thought I'd share more than breakfast recipes... but I'm just sharing my favorite breakfast recipes ....more

Blogtember:: Simplify

Today's topic is to list one product that simplifies your life.Is it weird to say that I'm having trouble thinking of it?Forget it, I'll go with two and explain why... In the event you blogged pre-smart phone & data plan, you'll identify with this. Back in the day if you had a post due for a company or for an affiliate company life BlogHer you had to wait until who knew when you get on your computer ....more

Blog-tember:: De-stress

So true story, I'm not doing the vlog day. I just don't have time to do it today.Although It would be interesting to redo the accent vlog from 5 year ago to see if I've been overtaken by the Cajun accent yet or have stayed true to my Southern girl roots.On to today's topic, de-stressing, it's my favorite. What better day than today to write this, Jeremy actually surprised me with a massage this morning ....more

Blog-tember:: Adventure

Today's topic is:: What's the craziest adventure I've ever been on?That would have to be in time in Naples, Italy. Which also includes getting there and leaving.It was just nutty overall. We missed our train due to miscommunication, then were threatened to have the cops called while we all sat in a train station because there was such an issue with protesting that it wasn't safe ....more

Blog-tember:: Life Swap

I've stumbled all over this one today trying to decide who I'd swap with.I'm going with my obvious choice though, The Duchess of Cambridge. (source) I've always been intrigued by the royals, so stepping into her shoes would be interesting. Especially on a off day ....more

Blog-tember:: A Day In The Life

I put this post off from Saturday until today because, honestly you don't care that I swept and then took a nap at some point... and possibly figured out a way into Ulta....more

Favorite Instagramers

Day 11 of #blogtember and today's topic is favorite instagramers. I thought I'd take a #ff (follow friday) vibe and pick 4 people who I love to follow. @mrskellystamps :: I've been following her blog since Harper was a baby and in the hospital, she's such a great woman of faith and it's so fun to see her adorable Southern style ....more

Read, Reading, Want to Read

I'm swapping today's post (a day in the life) with Monday... there isn't much that happens on a Saturday. So it isn't really a true day in the life.So instead, we talk books ....more

If I Could Go Anywhere...

I skipped yesterday, there just wasn't time to photograph the house, but trust me you aren't missing my scarcely decorated messy house at all. So onto the next topic, travel.I know a few people that won't be surprised to read this, but... I wish I had photos from the last time I went, but that was way back when you didn't automatically get a CD when you printed your disposable cameras.I'll say this though, of all the places I've ever been it's the most magical ....more