Five on Friday

I'm pretty sure between midnight pumping and whatever on the planet is floating around I'm going to croak before allergy stuff/exhaustion disappear.One day this child will be in college and I won't be pumping anymore. I say college because I feel positive that his love of nursing is going to mean weaning will be laughable. This creature of mine, she knows she's not supposed to eat the baby....more

Pumpkin Coffee Cake

Considering photography has gotten a bit better since the early days of Louisiana Bride I thought I'd reshare this recipe. Especially since I made it for the first time in about 2 years this weekend....more

8 Months

If I don't get these in a post soon I'll be posting about 9 months, or worse off...graduation. Weight:...more

Meal Pinning Monday

I realized something here recently, that you may have already heard from me over IG, but eating non-paleo seems to be better for my milk supply....more

I Heart Pinterest Wednesday

I've been living on Pinterest lately, so here's my favorites.We've been using the PEEL method for awhile with writing and yesterday I was introduced to the RACES method. Gotta say I like how this explains it much better, it's basically the same as PEEL just a more easily understood acronym. We are a Samoas family, therefore this pie is getting made over Thanksgiving ....more

The Spaghetti Picture

I admit, this post is 100% for me and possibly a grandmother, but who cares.There are two pictures I recall my mother taking of my litter sister where I can remember the events around it clearly, that's the single smiling pic and the one where she fell asleep in her spaghetti.My affinity towards that spaghetti picture has had me on edge to make spaghetti for weeks now and I finally got around to it.So I present to you, Harrison's first time having spaghetti.It wasn't nearly as messy as his aunt's, and he stayed awake ....more

Meal Pinning Monday

Meal Pinning Monday is back and I couldn't be happier....more

Healthy Tailgating Snacks

My favorite recipes have been my Cocoa Roasted Almonds and the Spicy Ranch Almonds. (click the name to get to the recipe) ...more

Hi blog, it's me Emily

I promise I haven't run away, I'll have a post up by Friday....more

31 Day-Why I Make Detergent

Detergent. It's expensive, but everyone has to use it. Or maybe you don't have to use it ....more