24 Weeks

We finally made it to Thanksgiving break, now it's high time to unpack a few more boxes so this child's chore list doesn't include unpacking said boxes several years from now!...more

Cranberry Orange Bran Muffins

Let's change this up a bit this week, the only cooking I'm doing is to help Mom with Thanksgiving. Instead of the usual Meal Pinning Monday, I'm starting with a recipe. Especially since I'm not even touching the blog on Thursday....more

Spicy Ranch Crackers

My step mother-in-law is an amazing cook....more

I Heart Pinterest Wednesday!

Here's a little of my pin-spiration for the week....more

23 Weeks

This babe is growing, and I've finally hit that size where random people want to make comments....more

Meal Pinning Monday

It's finally the week before Thanksgiving, the temps are dropping once again, the weather looks terrible, but there is turkey and sweet potato souffle in my future! [What is Meal Pinning Monday?] MPM is how I...more

PR 3: Salinas

I took a little break from posting about our trip to Puerto Rico around the time Dad got sick, but I think it's high time to catch up....more

I Heart Pinterest Wednesday!

Normally at this point in the year I would have started Christmas decorating....more

22 Weeks

We've hit 22 weeks, and I feel like I couldn't stand to get any bigger.Putting on shoes gives me heartburn.Breathing gives me heartburn.I basically have to roll out of bed like a big ole whale with a bunch of nice beach goers rolling it back in.I can't imagine how much bigger I'm going to get. Ignore Jeremy's laundry, he came in late from the LSU game and I was in no mood to bend over. Pregnancy Highlights: How Far Along: 22 weeks Size of baby: Baby H is the size of a ear of corn Maternity Clothes: All maternity pants and bras, and Piko tops ....more

Meal Pinning Monday

After a wonderful weekend with Mom and Dad in town, it feels like I'm now on a countdown to Thanksgiving break.Thanksgiving break means two things to me every year - 1. cooking like crazy with Mom and eating the most amazing turkey on the planet, and 2. taking Christmas card pics ....more