Weekly Recap

This was supposed to go up Friday, but hopefully with school being out I can get back into a nice schedule (life included) over the summer. I received both of the new Super Sizer mascara and Intensify me! eyeliner from Covergirl to test out the other day and I was surprised how much I like them ....more

Meal Pinning Monday

Today officially starts Whole 30 in our house!...more

When Your Baby Belly Jiggles

Thoughts.I don't think I've had a deep one in months.I've also seen what pregnancy and a baby has done to my beloved blog. I use to have things to talk about, what happened?Lack of time happened after I went back to work. Get home at 4, put the baby down who apparently knows I'll be home after he gets up at 2:30 and doesn't go back down ....more

Baby Dedication

Mother's Day Baby Dedication service, let's just keep it at photos and no talking.I didn't have any of the pics turn out well, so I think the next investment will be a tripod and a clicker ....more

Meal Pinning Monday

Last week of work and then it's summer!...more

a little bit of life

This was supposed to be a Five on Friday post, but that whole exhaustion and having a baby got in the way.(Spell Check is a bust today, so don't judge the spelling errors... I typed fast) I actually celebrated Mother's Day early when Jeremy got back from Colorado. I've been watchless for about a year and told him I could use a new one, I was mainly just hoping I could convince him to pop into the H&M that was close to their hotel....more

Meal Pinning Monday

The more I see these freezer meals I stock piled dwindle down the more I anticipate evenings being slightly more frantic....more

2 Month Update

This month we finally started seeing more of his personality, which appears to be along the lines of me as a baby ha!...more

Meal Pinning Monday

It's back to work for me, like it or leave it. Luckily my Dad is staying with us and it's only for 3 weeks before summer break. Gotta love good ole Daddy for offering to keep me sane incase I had to go back to work ....more

Toasted Marshmallow Ice Cream

This is going to be the end of the ice cream recipes for a bit, there has been ice cream in our freezer for over a month straight.Ain't no baby weight coming off if I keep this up!The biggest thing about homemade ice cream for Jeremy is the texture. He wants easy to scoop and cream laden, I tend towards more of an ice milk preference. That's how we made it to this recipe....more