High 5 for Friday//10 Weeks

I've been a horrible blogger lately, but let's make an attempt at getting back on schedule with my old favorite Friday post! 1. Nausea meds are the best thing on earth. I still feel awful in the evening even though I'm taking them, but let's just imagine before the meds when I stayed in bed for days and couldn't eat anything ....more

Meal Pinning Monday

Meal Pinning Monday is finally back, but don't hold it to me this week. I'm just trying to see if I can stand the kitchen again.For someone who loves food and cooking as much as I do, having a massive list of food aversions and motion sickness caused by computers is less than exciting. [What is Meal Pinning Monday?] MPM is how I...more

9 weeks

I've started noticing my stomach sticking out a lot here lately, I'm blaming it mainly on the fact that I went from about 80% of the time Paleo to crackers and Powerade....more

Finding Comfort During Your Period

This happens to be a subject I've been trying to find just the right balance with since 7th grade....more

Whole Wheat Banana Bread

Ages ago, when I first started blogging I posted this banana bread recipe. I've played with it a bit over the years, but it still stands as my favorite banana bread recipe....more

A Little/Big Update

I've been pretty much missing in action on the blog the last few weeks, as well as on social media, but once I say why it will all make sense.We're pregnant.Yup.I still haven't completely grasped the idea yet.And I've felt terrible, hence the lack of posting. We're still pretty early on, I'm currently 8 weeks and the baby (strange thing to say) is due in March 2015.We found out pretty early on, I've always been like clockwork, and it's funny to notice just how much my mood has changed on the notion of having a baby as the weeks have progressed.Jeremy literally talked about trying in June and we found out a few weeks later. Ridiculous! ...more

PR 2: Ponce Continued

You may be thinking to yourself, "Has Emily dropped off the face of the earth? I see she isn't blogging like she usually does." The correct answer would be yes, kinda sorta. But we'll get to that more tomorrow....more

PR 2: Ponce Part Uno

After leaving Rincon we drove south to the college town of Ponce.Interesting enough my Dad's doctor went to school and lived here for awhile. He was a great source of information when planning this trip and actually learning a bit about the Capo Diaz family. To start off we stayed the night at the Ramada Ponce, which is right in the middle of the town square ....more

Meal Pinning Monday

We are finally home and not going anywhere before work starts back up for me! This summer has by far been way too busy.Hence Meal Pinning Monday showing up a day late and dollar short on a Tuesday. [What is Meal Pinning Monday?] MPM is how I...more

Gnocchi & Asparagus with Chive Butter Sauce

After a few nights in Puerto Rico and nearly running everyone ragged seeing the sites, we finally hit Ponce and half our crowd crashed....more