The Pumpkin Patch That Never Posted

As soon as I gave myself a break from posting monthly pictures of Harrison I dropped the ball hard. First I was going to take 18 month pics... then 19.. ....more

Meal Pinning Monday

I went on a Skinny Taste binge this week. Back in the day I made a lot of her recipes, but haven't in a few years. So this week we're trying out a few new recipes that I haven't tried yet....more

Bread Machine Cinnamon Rolls

Not long after moving into our house our neighbor gave us a bread machine she wasn't using. That old machine made me immediately look like super wife around here. I can bust out a loaf of bread in no time and the house smells amazing....more

Currently November

Current book:...more

Meal Pinning Monday

It's nice to be back after a week hiatus. Thank the virus for that one....more

Friendships as a Transplant

Something that's changed about this blog over the past 4 years has been my level of transparency.If you're a long time reader you probably noticed, I don't post really personal things anymore. There's good reason for it too, in real life people started thinking I was writing about or at them. I wasn't, but having a real person walk up to you and start talking as though you left off in a conversation.. ....more

Meal Pinning Monday

One week until Thanksgiving, and to be totally honest I'm afraid it's going to feel more like a month!...more

Christmas Decor Inspiration

Blame it on the video of dinosaurs destroying really early Christmas decor... but it's put me in the decor dreaming mood.Now it's going to be a few years before I've collectd my heart out and am ready to do a home tour, but I thought today I'd just share the direction I'm moving.Basically rustic tartan and burlap. [source - 1, 3, 4, 5] [source - 1, 2, 3, 5] Now to keep Harrison off of my actual tree I'd like to make a felt one for the wall.I'd also like to make more garland for above cabinets, my last batch was lost in the last 3 moves....more

After a two

After a two month MPM break I'm back, and we've even got a new banner!...more

8 Year Blog-versary

To end the 31 Days series, and since it ended on my blogging anniversary, I thought I'd do a little chat about the past 8 year of Louisiana Bride ....more