Meal Pinning Monday

It's back to work for me, like it or leave it. Luckily my Dad is staying with us and it's only for 3 weeks before summer break. Gotta love good ole Daddy for offering to keep me sane incase I had to go back to work ....more

Toasted Marshmallow Ice Cream

This is going to be the end of the ice cream recipes for a bit, there has been ice cream in our freezer for over a month straight.Ain't no baby weight coming off if I keep this up!The biggest thing about homemade ice cream for Jeremy is the texture. He wants easy to scoop and cream laden, I tend towards more of an ice milk preference. That's how we made it to this recipe....more

So Long Maternity Leave

This week marks the end of maternity leave for me.I don't hate my job, but I'd much prefer to stay home if I'm being honest.That being said, I learned a few things over the course of maternity leave, and a few while being pregnant in regards to maternity leave.1. You can take FMLA (family medical leave act) for 12 weeks and not a day extra. 12 weeks and one day in this country means you could lose your job. Unless you work for a company that is more progressive and realizing that women can't get back to work at 6 weeks ....more

Cream Sherbet

It appears I'm on a bit of an ice cream kick.If you were currently at my house you'd be able to tell by the fact that I've had a gallon pitcher of ice cream base in the fridge for weeks and am constantly churning it out.Jeremy don't mind one bit. I think he actually prefers it.Heck it's cheaper than buying it, especially with my beloved Blue Bell on recall. I got this particular idea from the Ziploc bag ice cream I've made with my class in the past using orange soda and condensed milk....more

Nursing Pads >>> an honest review

When I was pregnant I was dead set on using Johnson's Nursing Pads, my mother insisted I try other brands. Two months into the nursing game (as I type this attached to a pump) I have to say I'm glad she made me try other brands.Turns out all nursing pads aren't all equal.Here's a run down of my favorites, the brands I tried, and why I ended up landing on the brand I wanted to stick with. Let me start off by saying that all of the brands mentioned were great at absorbing.That was by no means the issue ....more

PR 4: Castillo San Cristobal

Before I'm 100 I better push out the rest of these Puerto Rico posts, but I think we learned pretty well that I am bad about this if we were to remember back to the Italy posts....more

Meal Pinning Monday

I've started to venture into actually cooking again, and not just my premade freezer meals. So far I've learned that cooking must occur way before eating time... and I must eat way before the evening feeding....more

Friday Hodge Podge

I'd like to say we survived another week, but good gracious the 6 week spurt has not let up yet....more

Oh to be a SAHM

With only a week of maternity leave left I can't help but wish that going back to work wasn't on my agenda.I know a lot of moms want to work, and work; but there are just as many of us that don't want to work and have to. I personally fall into that category.I wish I could stay home.I want to nurse and never have to pump (as I'm sitting here hooked up to the thing as everyone else is sleeping), see all his milestones first hand the first time they happen. I want to console my baby when he's upset.I want to be at home when Harrison is in a good mood, not show up at the end of the day when he's just over it ....more

Meal Pinning Monday

I'm so brainfried after not sleeping enough last night that I don't even know how to start this post off....more