The Perils of Parenting While Texting

I’m not putting down my phone while the kids are in the playground. I have 3 BBM conversations going and one is with the husband about what’s for dinner and what’s going on this weekend. I’m laughing at something or someone with my friends in another, because we are evil. The best kind of evil.  And the third involves evening plans. I am checking twitter for the latest news. I may even tweet if I am bored enough and something strikes me....more

Feeding babies, the epic version

So the nursing bras are in the garbage bin. Most of them were almost 7 years old – which sounds ancient, but overall they were only really worn for about a year and a half. Two of them were new, only a year old, and even had underwire – woooo. But they still didn’t support like a regular bra. I have to say, I’m very happy to be back in the regular bras. Happy and perky.I briefly contemplated burning those bras as I chucked them in the bin, but thought it best that they not go out with a bang. We had a complicated relationship, breastfeeding and I. And now it has come to an end....more

Snip snip

"Is it okay if I blog about it?""I'm surprised you asked me first. I expected you to just do it.""Yes, but when I'm about to write about your testicles, I'm pretty sure it's polite to ask first." §...more

By the flicker of the television light

His head on my shoulder, the weight of his body against me, warm and soft. I’ve got to get that tummy settled before I lay him down.I squint at the news or chuckle at something funny, quietly. I often think to myself that I should record the voice of Peter Mansbridge or Jon Stewart as they might forever be his sleep cues.I put him down beside me and his eyelids drop in the flickering darkness.Eventually I too drift off, and will wake up at some point to turn off the television, fumbling for the remote.Otherwise we sleep soundly, warmly....more

This Body of Mine

I look up at the staircase with a sense of dread. Groan. I have to make it all the way up there? And then I suddenly remember that my body works again. I lift my knees and propel forward with so much more ease than I did just weeks ago. I feel gloriously unencumbered. There is still a novelty in being able to move properly. To bend at the waist is divine. I keep forgetting I can; I keep asking the kids to pick things up off of the floor. Well, they should anyway, those messy little buggers. But I too can collect debris off of the floor....more
I just had a baby three weeks ago and I'm so glad I no longer have to stand at the kitchen doing ...more

I have a room now, could use a roomie

I've booked a room in the new Comfort Suites across the river from the conference, about a 10 minute walk away.  The room/suite has a bed and a pull out couch, and a kitchen.  (I'm happy to take the couch!).  I got a good deal from TravelZoo - the total cost is $330 USD from Thursday to Sunday. I am happy to stay by myself, but if I get a room mate, it will be really cheap for both of us! I'm coming down (alone) from Toronto.  And I'm not very weird. my blog     ...more

Still need a roomie?  what i it rains one day? we split a taxi?