Do I Need A Website for my Small Business? Many Don't Work! Here is Why

This is a recent question  on LinkedIn provoked a lot of feedback...but make no mistake about it.. today it is an absolute necessity for all businesses, bar none. It is the new means of finding you and checking you out. Never before was there a better opportunity to reach more of your market place...but more importantly getting them to find you, then now,with websites and social media....more

Prayers in Traffic

When you are stuck in traffic, it is a good time to catch up on prayers. Faith is not bolted to the pew. Our first house of worship is ....within and wherever we are. No one will object to our multi tasking. :) Lorraine...more

Marry Your Business with Partners or Investors? Live Together First!

Investors, and partners, come in many forms...hands on, arms length and cash only:  which means...they want to be In (make decisions for their percentage), they want to influence (limited decision making but active monitoring of their investment) or hands off (they are a more no less). Unless you really know what they are bringing to the table that will help fuel your company forward with an anticipated limited ownership period for their investment with an expected payoff every case, you are also running the risk of losing more than you might think you are gaining....more

Sex Strike Brings Peace

Sex Strike Brings Peace: Whereas some cultures may not bend to this trend, many others could. See how these women empowered their men and their community. This also was successful in an attempt in Liberia took a chance and really made a significant change..empowering their men and their community!Bravo Ladies! What brave women you are. Lorraine...more