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Toddler Diaries: Fallin', fallin', fallin'

Okay seriously, where are those people I call momma and dadda and why on earth am I falling  when they should  ALWAYS be there to catch me? Don't they know the rules of parenting? Don't they know that as a toddler  I WILL fall and WILL cry soo loud (even if the fall wasn't all that bad) just to prove my "watch your kid" point.  I bet they won't let me do that again right? Wrong, not these people. They are into letting me explore my surroundings and if I don't listen to that awful "stop" word there may be a chance I'm hitting the ground. Phew, thank goodness for carpet....more

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Yummy Stuffed Peppers

There's nothing like the delicious taste bell pepper's bring to a meal.  Bell pepper's are available all year round but the tastiest during the summer and early fall months. They are an excellent source for Vitamin C, A and B6 and a very good source for folate, fibre, vitamin E, K and potassium. .Looking to treat yourself and family with a meal that's compact, full of nutrients and colorful, try this Stuffed Peppers recipe. Choose the bell pepper that’s right for your taste buds. ...more