Easy Peasy Refrigerator Pickles #MeatlessMonday

I spent the day harvesting cucumbers and trying to figure out a way to preserve them until hub FINALLY comes home.Freezing definitely doesn’t work for cucumbers, but hub loves my homemade pickles, so that’s...more

DIY Shabby Chic Rustic Planters

DETOUR RANT: It’s so annoying....more

Happy Mother’s Day To My Son

 (Vintage Angel Boy) Because, of course, without him, I wouldn’t have a Mother’s Day at all....more

Swimsuits And Cellulite, Oh My!

I don’t have the courage to snap a pic of me in a bathing suit and post it on social media for all the world to see.I live near the beach in SoCal. Nuff said.And recently when Selena Gomez posted a pic of herself on a beach (and while she definitely looks like she’s gained a few ellbees), the vitriol of the comments is overwhelming.No way I’m exposing myself to that.I can do all my own fat-shaming in my head, thank you very much....more

Stop All The Scrunchie Shaming!

STOP SCRUNCHIE SHAMING!    I’ve had just about enough of this abuse.  I confess.  I’m here to out myself. but I’m still hiding behind dark  shades (Chanel, of course). ...more

Lilly Pulitzer at Target: Bringing The Hamptons To The Common Folk

I confess to showing up bright and early at Tar-zhay for some of the other designer brand marriages like Missoni (not to be confused with Target’s own brand, Mossimo) and TTTT I was less than overjoyed....more

Compassion. DO. Help. NOW. Pass it on.

Seriously, a call for compassion in action.Mother Nature knows. A single drop of water in a lake radiates energy to become larger and larger circles.Isn’t that what social media is all about?Isn’t this the beauty of it?...more

How To Recycle Old Coffee Mugs #DIY #Project

It’s SPRING!What a great time to freshen up the yard with a totally 100% free project using items we already had.  Don’t throw away those cracked cups with broken handles!...more