Arrests in Murder of Three Week Old Baby Kidnapped, Killed, Stuffed in a Trash Bag, and Tossed in a Dumpster

UPDATE: Three Weeks Old. Kidnapped, Killed, Stuffed in a Trash Bag, and Tossed in a Dumpster “Murdered baby was kidnapped for woman’s false pregnancy.”...more

Imperfectly Perfect

“All right, all right, all right!”...more

the birthday that might not have been

Like most moms (and dads, of course) I never thought to prepare myself for what it would feel like to lose a child.I’m not talking about losing him in the mall or losing him in a crowd; I mean to lose him forever.We were so immersed in the business of living that it never occurred to me that anything life threatening might happen to my Angel Boy.Health and fitness has always been a priority....more

I Was A Bully in Elementary School

Although I wrote this post a while ago, it’s suitable for this month’s topic of Building from Bullying for the link up #1000 Speak for Compassion.I Was a Bully in Elementary SchoolWell, sort of....more

The Sad Song of the Wolf

  For as long as I can remember,  I’ve loved wolves.  This little Jewish girl from Detroit dancing around in a pink  tutu and satin toe shoes harbored a secret desire to live among the wolves and become accepted as a pack member.Crazy, right?...more

Auto Parts Excursion Along With a Near Death Experience

My day…tagging along with tugboat man. When you’re the wife of a mariner, even slightly unpleasant tasks become opportunities to spend time together. Even this....more

High Desert and Big Rocks

We’re back from Wolf Mountain Sanctuary in the Mojave Desert.  ...more

YUMMY Chocolate + Black Beans + Beets Brownies

Now, don’t you all go rolling your eyes at me.I used to be a teacher and I still have eyes in the back of my head.I can see you.Before you make all those gaggy sounds and scrunch up your face (you know who I’m talking to!), I implore you to TRY these very tasty and UBER healthy brownies.Well, not all that healthy ‘cos of the sugar and chocy chips, but cocoa beans grow on a tree, so that makes them a plant — therefore sort of a veggie or a fruit. So, healthy, right?Don’t be all judge-y and shake your head....more

How to Bake This Seriously Easy Rustic Savory Uber Crusty Olive/Jalapeno/Garlic Bread

This is bread heaven.Crusty golden on the outside, chewy texture studded with olives, jalpenos, and garlic on the inside.OK, listen to me. There is NO reason why you can’t recreate this masterpiece of textures and mouthwatering goodness.If you think baking bread is beyond your skill set, think again....more