Real Love Really Does Exist

Take it from these married men  -Jennifer Trannon, Indulge, if you will, my stream of consciousness. ...more

Host a Frugal, Fashionable Girl's Night In

Shop, Swap and Make it Sweet --Wanda Mann, Don't let the recession stop you from sprucing up your wardrobe. ...more

Love Notes

Should women sacrifice themselves to find true love? -Carrie Seim, When I first crept onto a stage in college to perform in a comedy show, I discovered a feeling of elation that has yet to meet its match. ...more

One Struggle, One Fight

Today marks the beginning of the 5-day long march from Berkeley to Sacramento in an effort to repeal Proposition 8. One Struggle, One Fight, a beloved community that stands for equality, has organized this march to affect change in California’s Supreme Court and connect with communities along the way. ...more

A Plastic State of Mind

To augment, or not to augment? That was my question...  -Nadine Haobsh, A year ago, I left my sheltered existence writing in the English countryside to take a job working for two wonderful, down-to-earth plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills. I've never been the skinniest filly in the stable, but I've always had relatively solid self-esteem, positive body image, and a healthy awareness of my place in the female universe. ...more

Why Men are Terrified of Valentine's Day

Does V-Day make them over-pressured or under-motivated? -Carrie Seim, The spookiest day of the year for some men isn't Halloween or Friday the 13th. It's Feb. 14th that's got them shaking in their boots. ...more

My Boyfriend, My Batterer

Chris Brown and Rihanna are not an isolated incident -Jill Jordan, The news that Chris Brown was arrested for violently attacking his girlfriend Rihanna shocked the world Sunday night, overshadowing all the Grammy hype. ...more

20 Things You Might Not Know about the First Daughters

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Betty's Bests: Top 5 Best Places to Meet the Guy of Your Dreams

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Rock Solid

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