Recession Anxiety: Refusing to Lose

I talk a lot about the feminine spiral effect in our communities. Women spiral out. We network in circular patterns. We impact everything we touch because we are relationship-makers. We connect people to each other and share our resources. ...more

Thank God it's PMS!

Recently I wrote a blog entry under pure hormonal duress. Re-reading after publishing, I realized I’d been in the PMS pity party mush pot. All the problems I had emoted subsided two weeks later, and were now safe lessons in the book of life.  ...more

Macro Budgeting: The Anti-30-Day Shopping Challenge

One of my best friends is on a strict budget. She went to Whole Foods and spent $370 in one grocery trip. Her husband nearly had a coronary. She stood her ground, saying they were set for groceries for the next two weeks. Husband wasn’t placated. He said, “But you bought toiletries there too. You spent twice as much as you would have at Trader Joe’s or Longs....more

A Stressed Mom’s Guide to Entertaining the Kids

My best girlfriend, Ann, is a stay-at-home mama. Over-prepared is an understatement to describe her; she is over the top. Anytime we go anywhere, even a fifteen-minute drive, she has packed every kind of snack: a carb, a protein, a fruit, a veggie. She has packed every supply imaginable, things that make noise, things that are snuggly. I basically show up with the kids.  ...more

Financial Loss and Depression: Confessions of Mom Entrepreneur, Part 2

What if the wisest financial decision means going back to nothing? What if you worked really hard to build something great, or if you’re running on the daily treadmill to keep up with everything, and suddenly you look up and realize, you’re on a treadmill. You’ve been running in place. There is no destination, and what seemed close is farther away than ever.  ...more

Pitfalls of Personal Finance: Confessions of a Mom Entrepreneur Part 1

Today, all I can do is get up and get coffee. Today is one of those days to trust in the wisdom of the circumstances, rather than trying to figure out how to solve them. How did I get here? Six years after working my butt off building a small scale, successful real estate investment portfolio, now I’m considering waitressing? I often hear similar stories from other entrepreneurs, at some point in the growth of their businesses: Set your dream in front of you, and be prepared to serve food if it doesn’t work out. This morning I’m putting on my apron. ...more

Can I Pay Less? It Can’t Hurt to Ask

I had a former client-turned-friend who, before we knew each other, listened to my quote for services, looked me straight in the eye, and asked if I would reduce the cost for her. She asked me with such strength, assuredness and resolve, she made me doubt what I was charging. After I got to know her, I realized she asked that of everyone. Nearly everywhere. At the furniture store for a new table, “Would you take less for this?” On the phone with the cable company and credit card companies. She had no shame. To her, there was nothing strange or weird about asking....more

From Money to Magnetism: What Inspires You?

I write a personal finance blog. I talk about money. But let’s get deeper. Let’s talk about what INSPIRES, shall we? What inspires you? When you know, do it, love it, let it flow. Money included. That’s the “flow” part of “cash flow” that I love. What inspires me?   1. Doing something I have trepidation about: Public speaking, or something I say an immediate “no” to but really, inside, want it to be an immediate “yes.”...more

No Financial Map? Ask for Directions

Do you have a map for financial success this year? I do, and it involves letting go of my desire to be uber-capable. This is the year I call “capable” enough, and enlist the help of others.   Women in particular are gluttons for the punishment of doing everything ourselves. Why do we have to be in a state of emergency to ask for help? Why not just ask for help instead of breaking down along the way? When do you ask for help? Is it before you’re in crisis? Or after the chaos has already struck?...more

Can Money Un-Do Your Marriage?

Whoever thought money would be the great equalizer? Has anyone else noticed that the most popular e-word of late—the economy—is changing not just your grocery budget, but your relationship with your partner?   One of the biggest surprises the “e-conomy” has uncovered is my relationship with my husband. Our lower bank balances and fiscal challenges have lain bare 1) the ways our individual money dynamics overlap, and 2) the relationship dynamics that money has covered up.  ...more