How many women customers does North Face lose every day?

I wanted something comfortable that I could use for walking and hiking. It sounded easy enough and I had exactly 1 hour to find a pair of pants that would work. My friend recommended North Face, so I headed to the mall. I walked in and the sales clerk was right there to help. I explained my needs. The look on her face said it all. I knew she knew that I couldn't possibly fit in any of their pants. I'm a size 12. Apparently, that's just too large. ...more

Talk to your front line if you want to improve your bottom line

Most businesses don't even have breathing room right now. Even the smallest misstep can make or break their business. Business owners and managers are seeking any way to cut costs. What's amazing me is who they turn to for advice! Here is a totally free, cheap way to increase your bottom line tomorrow: talk to your front line. ...more

A phone call, jelly jars and my friend Frank

The phone rang. I noticed the last name on Caller ID. "Oh, Frank must be in town visiting one of his sisters," I thought, as I picked up the phone. It was his sister Chris. She apologized right up front for asking, but did I know that Frank had died in November? I was in shock. I responded as best I could in that moment. No, I really didn't know. She told me the story of his death. I had even missed the funeral. Obits had been published, but I don't get the paper or read Obits regularly. "Your still young," she said. "Don't start reading them. Enjoy life." I felt old. ...more

Why your most trusted employee may be robbing you blind

As a small business owner, we rely on our staff. Without their help, our business would stop in its tracks. But today I have heard just one more story of the trusted employee being given access to everything and bankrupting the company. If you think "Oh, my employee is my _________ (fill in the blank), so they would never do that to us" think again. ...more

I made it through the gauntlet of sick children during a jam-packed work week!

I was so thrilled to schedule a week of important, face-to-face meetings. Juggling timeslots and meeting locations, I managed to create a jam-packed week of results-oriented action. So, why would it surprise me that this past Sunday evening around 2:30 a.m. my daughter taps my sleeping shoulder to inform me that she feels really sick. And thus began the domino effect of flu moving through a family of 6! ...more

2 Free Live Webinars this January 2010

 1. ERforME...more

The grass isn't always greener: comparing their outside to your inside

Can you imagine that 4 times today I heard, "The grass isn't always greener." This statement came to me from 4 random people who I met for various reasons throughout my day. By the 4th mention, I had to stop and think: Why do people always think things will be better somewhere else? Then it hit me: because they are always comparing their "inside" with someone else's "outside." ...more

What do moms want? Flexible hours! Hello out there? Is anybody listening?

What do moms want? Flexible hours! Hello out there? Is anybody listening? Before I had children, I worked in lots of fields: from not-for-profit to healthcare, from Corporate to small business. After I had children, I faced what every mom faces--I needed flexible hours! The only way I found to make that work was by going out on my own as a business consultant. ...more

Do you hate your job? your business? your life? Here's a simple start for a better 2010

If you hate your job, your business or your life right now, please know that you are not alone. It wasn't too long ago that I felt the heaviness of not enjoying my daily work. And the worse part was, I had no idea how to get out of it. I had created an unworkable plan and it was up to me to extract myself from it. During those miserable days (OK, truth is it was more like months), I really had to do some deep soul searching. Here's a simple outline of how I found a "new start": ...more

When was the last time you laughed so hard you started crying?

When was the last time you laughed so hard you started crying? If you have to think about it, it has been way too long. For me, it was just a few days ago. I have been blessed with a business partner who makes me belly laugh at least once a week. I think this is why I know we are having success together in business. Because no matter what difficulties we face, we can always help each other see the bright side, and even laugh until we cry! ...more