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My Fool Proof Break Up Plan

I am so happy that today if Friday!  It was only a four day week but man was it a doozy!  I am ready to come home, run a few miles, eat a salad and crash on my bed by 8.  My big plan is to go to bed at 8 on a Friday night, I am wild I tell ya, wild! This week I was picking May up from dinner with her friends and we started talking about moving.  We are moving in just two weeks and there is much work to be done....more

My Overactive Imagination

This has been a week, and it is only Wednesday!  I have been struggling with work and that my expectations for the job I am in will not be reality this year.  There is so much work that I need to make up for the years of not having a school counselor.  This year I have realized will be a clean up year.  Not really anything I want to do, but necessary to make everything run smother. ...more

They Will Keep

 As some of you know I teach English to juniors and seniors in high school.  If you have been around here for more than a minute you will know that I love my job, my coworkers, and my students....more

Bachelorette Link Up Episode 2


Bachelorette Link Up Episode 1

Alright, so my friend Meg over at Henning Love is having a link up to recap The Bachelorette every Tuesday.  When I saw her post about it was instantly excited.  True confession: I love The Bachelor TV series.  However, I don't love it like most people love it.  I love to hate it....more

Lies I Tell My Students

AAfter I wrote my post Lies I Tell on Facebook I realized there are so many other places I like to lie.  One of them is my classroom.  I know it is terrible to do this but, you have to have a little fun sometimes right, keep the kids on their toes ya know....more

How To Be Awersome - Stop Talking


Stagecoach 2013


Lies I Tell On Facebook

We have all heard those reports about Facebook leading to depression right?  No?  Well there are some reports out there about Facebook leading some people to be depressed about their own life. When I think about it I honestly can understand.  Facebook is a strange land of perfectly posed photos, relationship statuses, wedding picture, baby pictures, engagement pictures, and I am trying to make myself look better than you anyway I can ish that we all do....more