An Unforgettable Story of Tragedy, Music and Healing

Several years ago, L.E. Taylor, her husband Nate and their two-month-old baby Jack visited Nate's family in Oregon for Thanksgiving. Nate went fishing with a friend, and their boat capsized into the icy water. He drowned....more

Looking for a Cool Minivan? Here are 6 of Them!

My friend Heather posted this to Facebook yesterday: Pretty great bumper sticker on a minivan tonight: “I used to be cool.” I don’t know the owner of said minivan, but I hope s/he’s not implying that simply owning a minivan robs one of Cool Points. My first car was a minivan, a brown Plymouth Voyager with vinyl woodgrain paneling on the sides that provided a kind of natural, Bear Grylls kind of sexiness. It pretty much looked like this: (image ...more

The Week in Pictures, May 15

Here are the photograms I posted to Instagraph over the last week. Er, you know what I mean. Included are captions and a little context. Stand back ....more

Are You Visiting NYC This Summer?

The Cool Fam is getting their summer plans together, which may include a trip or two west, and, if Cool Newbie gets his wish, to Super Why’s “Book Club” headquarters. Honestly, that sounds pretty fun except that I’d feel awkward socializing with Alpha Pig, knowing how much bacon I’ve consumed over the years ....more

You Need the Beautiful and Haunting Music of Our Friend L.E. Taylor

Five years ago, we featured the first ever guest post on AWSC?, a humorous and moving piece by our blog friend Lauren ....more

What Am I Doing Here? Fine Art Edition

Last night was another one of those nights in NYC, the ones when I wonder, “What exactly am I doing here?” I was sitting in the rear garden of Chop Shop, an Asian spot in Chelsea, with accomplished figures in the art world: an owner of a gallery in China, an art historian and critic, a Hollywood film producer ....more

I’ve Figured Out My Dream Job. Now What?

In a recent interview, I described myself as a “jack of some trades.” Since moving to NYC to find a career, people have paid me to manage an office, shoot photos and video, hand out buttons and swag at events, conduct online marketing, write a short book series, manage social media, play music, write marketing copy, design websites and edit blogs ....more

Watch Cool Dad Perform Amy Grant’s ‘Baby Baby’ with a Couple of Friends

A couple of weekends ago, I played a show in Astoria, Queens with my friends Abby and Marissa. I’d love to play out more in NYC, but I want perform original music. However, we hadn’t written enough songs to fill the 45-minute set, so they picked out some covers ....more

We’re Back, Part 2: So We Came Back to NYC and Joined a Commune

Our packed-full storage unit. Cool Mum is currently reading The Story of the World, a history book for children, to Cool Boy to launch his classical homeschool education. Chapter One is titled ‘The Earliest People’, and it starts off with three questions: ...more

We’re Back, Part 1: A Long Haul to No Home

When we last checked in, we were in the sunny climes of Florida, spending time with family and friends while we talked and prayed at length about moving back to Manhattan. In the middle of February, we flew up to NYC to attend our friends’ wedding. During the trip, we stayed with friends on the Upper East Side and researched what the rents were like in the neighborhood compared to when we moved away in 2010. I’d like this blog ...more