Will the President Protect Religious Rights?

Sometimes the White House gets the easy questions wrong. On Tuesday, White House press secretary Jay Carney was asked about a controversial mandate stemming from Obamacare that would require religious employers to provide insurance coverage for birth control despite religious objections....more

Running & Remembering 9/11 in D.C.

The moment I found out ...more

Pro-Abortion Leaders Attack Pregnancy Centers That Don’t Offer Abortion

City leaders in San Francisco have launched an attack on local pregnancy care centers, alleging that they engage in false advertising by leading women to believe they provide abortions at their clinics.City Attorney Dennis Herrera and Supervisor Malia Cohen introduced legislation last week that would make it illegal for pregnancy care centers to advertise without a conspicuous explanation that they do not perform abortions....more

A Culture War Against Conservative Women

Injecting conservative values into the cultural mainstream is a battle, especially for women’s issues in popular, female-geared media like magazines. Liberal ideology has attracted the female presidential vote—and the female magazine—for years. For most of these crusaders and publications, “women’s issues” comes down to one issue: abortion. ...more
Call it what you want... But delivering all but the baby's head, then stabbing that baby at the ...more

This Memorial Day -- Think of Freedom Alliance

Witnessing the airport return of soldiers flying in from protecting America overseas is a sobering experience. In camouflage fatigues and combat boots, carrying oversized green backpacks and straining to glimpse a loved one, the random traveler is merely a prop in a scene made for heroes. ...more

The Sweet Life: Going Green

Hi ladies!Well, I've finally started using my blog in a real way and wanted to share it with the BlogHer community. I'm not really how blog sharing works but I know there women here who would enjoy it! And of course I want to link back and link up and show all the link love I know how to show!One of my first entries is crossposted below. I hope you will check out "The Sweet Life" and add it to your list of favorites!...more

I'm not a huge fan of green drinks - it's the color, it just bugs me. Heh.

Nice to see you ...more

City Cravings

For many Midwesterners, careers are merely work and sparkly-eyed big city fantasies are storybook and movies. I first noticed I was different just as college ended – and a triplet of girlfriends married their college sweethearts all within a month of each other. At 16, I'd given myself a substantial deadline for marriage – 25. Pretty standard for Southern Indiana but not so, I would soon discover, for those inhabitants of coastal concrete cities and chilly, heel-pounded metropolises like Washington DC and New York City. ...more

I can't help but smile. As a midwestern girl who's lived around the country, it is a stark ...more

Special Needs Kids Deserve Life Too

Today, Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (WA) gave birth to her second child, thus making her the first woman ever to give birth twice while in office. There are many reasons to love this conservative Republican Washington state representative but one of them is her strong voice on choosing life....more

Great to see you posting on BlogHer.

Many of us mothers work, choose life, choose ...more

Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers: A Republican Woman Who Believes in Real Change

Republican women in Congress have become a bonded group in the past 18 months – thanks in part to the leadership of Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, who serves Washington’s Fifth Congressional district. McMorris Rodgers is the Vice Chair of the House Republican Conference and has championed Republican efforts in the health care debate recently by recognizing that women make the majority of family health decisions and noting the particular health concerns of women. She’s also led by example with the message of necessary health care reform for those with special needs because her young son, Cole, was born with Down syndrome. ...more