I got schooled

Tuesday was Ethan's first official day of kindergarten. We decided to give homeschooling a concerted try, so it was my prerogative to go California-style and start after labor day. We do NOT do school in August ....more

That time I just turned 30.

I'm 30. The best selfie ever, on my 30th birthday. I like it because the blown out windows behind me make me look skinny ....more

Our first foray into organized sports, and I tried to fight only three people

Baseball camp. What can I say about Ethan's first baseball camp? We learned so much: keep your glove down, use two hands to catch, 5 year olds are fairly clueless ....more

Wrapped in Love: how I became an idiot savant and what I'm doing about it

In the past few months, several friends have asked me to help them learn how to sew. Most of them have machines but have no real idea how to use them. I've been there; a few years ago Noah bought me a sewing machine for Christmas on a total whim when he noticed me watching Project Runway obsessively and shouting "Make it work!" at him in a faux sexy-German accent (Klum) or a concerned, East Coast gay man's accent (Gunn) ....more

The story of how my brother almost went to jail

It all started several weeks ago, when he got into a car accident. Today was his court date, and leading up to it, he started to Freak the Crap Out, which is how he generally operates in new situations. So he consulted with Noah, our resident legal expert and slave to The Man ....more

The redheads are always trouble

Should I bump blogging up on the priority list again? I'm feeling like I might want to. I used to post every weekday! ...more

Civics and geometry

"Do you know what kind of coin this is?""Yep. It's a penny.""That's right. And do you know who the man is on the coin?""No." ...more

Updates: Words, Photos, Videos. A multimediapallooza

Several of you have asked to see photos of Ethan and Oliver together, so I aim to oblige ....more