I, like many, have been struggling with the events in Ferguson, MO. It’s hard to get the words out, and nothing seems right. So I’m going to first do what is most important right now: LISTEN TO PEOPLE OF COLOR and HEAR their experiences ....more

Merck for Mothers Will Help Me KEEP HUGGING YOU at Every BlogHer

One of my favorite things about the annual BlogHer conference is being able to physically wrap my arms around women I love. The rooms are filled with blogger after blogger, all of whom I want to just tackle and hold tight when I see them. What can I say? ...more

Summer Boredom Hits….

My daughter hasn’t gotten out of her owl PJ’s since Monday. My son hasn’t brushed his hair since Tuesday. My Goddaughter has binge watched three shows on Netflix ....more

My Grandpa

Sigh. To say it’s been the ‘summer of change’ could be the largest understatement ever around here. So much has happened in EVERY corner of our lives that I feel an upheaval like never before in my life ....more

BlogHer 2014: San Jose

It’s the first year for my daughter, a brand new blogger. It’s also a first for my Goddaughter, visiting for the summer. I’d say we started off our first BlogHer with the right attitudes, don’t you think? ...more

The Beauty of Survival: Merck for Mothers, BlogHer, My Daughter & Me

It’s funny how life works out, and I mean the word life in every way possible… in every breathing, heart-filled sense. About a decade ago I was bedridden and pregnant with my daughter. We weren’t sure she, or I, would make it through ....more

Now’s Normal

Caregiving isn’t easy. I watched my parents take in my Grandfather years ago. Things changed dramatically ....more

My Daughter’s Digital Duel, I Vote DISLIKE

Digital parenting can #suckit. As many of you know, both of my kids are rather plugged in. I mean…PLUGGED IN ....more

The 4th & Murrieta, California’s Hate for New Americans

As you ready your house flags, don your sunscreen and set up your BBQ’s, I would love if we all reflected a bit on what it means to be an American. For a long awhile, I admit to having never given much thought to what it means to be an American. I’ve always been one and have enjoyed all of it’s privileges and rights ....more

Just One More

I’m back at the place I started. My Aunt and Uncle live closest to the airport and have plenty of room…and the kids and I are again occupying the downstairs, but this time my Mom is upstairs in the room I was meant to sleep in when we arrived over ten days ago. Two weeks? ...more