CDiff: The SuperBug Being Defeated By Poop

Clostridium difficile commonly known as “C. diff,” is a germ usually occurring in people taking antibiotics that can cause diarrhea and death. However there is an experimental treatment raising eyebrows and the hopes of those suffering from the disease ....more

All I Want is a Garden

Denial, anger, … acceptance? Or is there one between there? Meh ....more

Final Project Journalism 203

Enjoy my story on the California drought! ...more

Dealing With a Load of Crap

Humiliation is laying in a hospital bed, after 10 days of nothing but towel baths, your hair unwashed and crumpled in a bun, your back sweating against the plastic under the sheets…and opening your eyes to feel yourself covered in shit. Someone else’s shit. The nurses are kind and wonderful ....more

The Most Magical Thing Happened to ME

It wasn’t a dream. I woke up on Mother’s Day inside of this castle: I am not kidding. Read the full story over at As Dreamers Do ....more


…in continuing my teary tributes, I must now brag about my daughter, the child who has had her own hashtag since I can remember… #AllHailHala is no joke. The hashtag may have started out that way, due to her demanding nature and poise that can be described as nothing short as that of a blue blood…but it and she have become so much more over this decade of her existence. A decade ....more


It’s that time of year again…where I get all teary eyed and brag about my children endlessly. That’s what you get when both your kids are born in the same month… ...more

The (Digital) Kids Are Alright

I really think you need to suck it up and realize what was normal for US as kids is not normal for OUR kids. Sure, get fresh air, get exercise, go play outside…but let’s face it, when it comes to ‘play a game’ or ‘read a book’ all of that is now done digitally. Yup, that means their iPads or their computers or their phones…ONLINE ....more

God in my Grilled Cheese

I think I have a twisted relationship with the chaplain at Henry Mayo, the hospital where I’ve found myself too many times in the past 3 months and where I find myself in bed and typing this blog post. Ok, so it’s probably just a very twisted relationship on my part…although NOW I think he’s in on it, maybe. Maybe it’s wrong to call it a “relationship,” but...more