6 Tips for Writing a Great Love Letter

If you are in a relationship, you might be looking for a new way to show your partner how much you treasure them. Putting effort into relationships helps them thrive, evolve, and become an even more poignant source of joy. Rather than scribbling your name at the bottom of someone else’s words, why not write your own sweet and spicy love letter?Find a quiet place. Use a humble pen. (~Paul Simon)...more

Follow Your Enthusiasm

It was a sunny fall day, crisp and breezy. We had the whole afternoon before us. I was comparing the benefits of taking my kids to the library for another stack of stimulating books or going to the zoo. I was pretty tired from being up all night with the baby. That day, I had already spent a good six hours cleaning the play room, baking, playing, going to the park, and doing crafts with the kids.I remembered something a friend had told me, “In all things, follow your enthusiasm.”...more

20 Ways to Give Young Children a Voice

Providing little kids opportunities to use their voices, make decisions, develop ownership, and solve problems can attract positive results. Giving kids a say builds respect, strengthens community, invites cooperation, and capitalizes on kids’ normal developmental need for power and control.Here are 4 tips for giving kids a voice:...more

Tips for Giving Your Partner Space

The ability to occasionally give your partner space when they need it is a high-level relationship skill.Giving space is a conscious decision to allow your partner room, time, and leeway while they do something challenging. Giving space means you don’t interfere, tell them what to do, cajole them, or poke at them.There are specific times when partners might need space, such as:...more

5 Ways to Honor Feelings Instead of Distracting Away From Them

We tend to put pressure on ourselves to be happy all the time. When we get sad, scared, or mad, we try to distract the heck out of ourselves so we can move on with our lives.Even if we did commit to listening to how we really feel, there’s just no time for it. We’ve got to zoom to work, pick up the dry cleaning and milk on the way home, and fill the air in our tires before squeezing in our kids’ ballet recital and whipping up dinner while checking our e mail....more

I Can't Right Now, I'm Eating Spaghetti

We just got a new children’s book called, “More Spaghetti, I Say!” (hilarious book if you’re in the market for one of those). To summarize, one guy wants to play with his friend, but she’s way too busy scarfing spaghetti to play with him. Then she finally wants to play with him, but then he’s too busy eating spaghetti to play with her.This happens all the time in relationships....more

9 Ways Kids Teach Us How To Listen

We’re often so concerned with teaching our kids to listen that we sometimes overlook how they teach us to listen. Listening to words is easy, but true listening encompasses much more. If you went into a conference room and listened to the speaker’s words, you’d only catch about 10% of what’s actually going on. If you went into the same room and listened to other things, such as: ...more

4 Reasons to Table Tough Conversations with Your Partner

In a perfect world, no one would ever need to put off a difficult conversation with a significant other. We would be zen-like all the time, speaking from our hearts, steering clear of accusations, and crystal clear on what we want to have happen next. We would be stellar listeners and paraphrasers and eager to make things right with the people we love the most....more
My sister does this all the time. Sometimes it is the time to table it; other times it is not.more

When Gratitude is Tough

While my sister post titled, “The Art of Gratitude, 5 Nuances of Giving Thanks” outlines some of the benefits and means of feeling thankful and giving thanks, this post is about when gratitude is tough....more

Of Course You Can Throw. How are You at Catching?

As parents, we are always thinking about giving to our children. We want to give them superior childcare, fun toys, quality education, healthy meals, good boundaries, warm hugs, meaningful experiences, and all of our love. In essence, we want to give them the world.What’s not as obvious is the importance of receiving from children....more