United Breaks Guitars

You’ve probably had this video forwarded to you multiple times by now. If not, let me be the first to welcome you to YouTube’s latest hit, United Breaks Guitars. ...more

Tips for Packing Light

Those of us who travel frequently have packing light down to science. If you’re on the road often, you learn to jettison anything that’s not absolutely necessary, as it will only slow you down and get in your way. I’m frequently asked by friends, particularly female friends, how I get by with just one bag, even on longer trips. Here, I present my tips on how to pack light and, as a result, enjoy your travels more. ...more

Here are a few other great space savers for traveling:

 Eco-Dent tooth powder. One ...more

Biking Seattle's Sammamish River Trail

Seattle has long been considered one of the best cities in the country for bicyclists. It’s been on Bicycling Magazine’s list of Top 5 cycling cities for years. The city is crisscrossed with bike trails, drivers are generally respectful of bicyclists and the city of Seattle has plans to add another 450 miles of bike trails in the coming years. This is a city that makes bicycling to work an appealing alternative and cycling for fun a great, scenic pleasure. ...more

Hello from a travel blogger

Hey... another new member!   I'm Erin, a travel blogger from Los Angeles.  My blog, What a Trip, serves up daily travel inspiration and features everything from reviews of cool travel gear to in-depth travel reports from a variety of real life folks.  Oh, and lots of pretty photos.     I look foward to exploring BlogHer and getting to know some of you. ...more