Valentine's Day Party Printable for GoGoSqueez

 I made these gift tags for Whitney's pre-kindergarten class last year. The kids loved them!...more

I Survived My First Year as a School Mom

I’ve been walking a tight rope strung between two high rise buildings in the middle of New York city. Too much weight on one side and I could’ve slipped, free-falling 72 floors to my premature death. For the last 10 months, I tried meticulously to find balance in my first year as a mom of a school-aged child. ...more
Congratulations! It does feel like a parental accomplishment. My older child just finished K, ...more

YOU get a net! YOU get a net! E v e r y b o d y gets a net!

Right before I married Brandon and became a military spouse, I knew a girl who was going through her then-boyfriend’s first deployment. This was in 2007 and the war was different- terrifying with many unknowns. Her boyfriend deployed to Iraq and because he was in the reserves, they didn’t live at an army installation. Therefore, she didn’t have the support of the fellow wives and girlfriends who were going through the same deployment....more

The Key to Change

I’m a cheerleader for change. Really, I know this sounds pretentious since many people are resistant to change. But I live for the stuff. I am usually quick to adapt to unexpected change, and often seek it out when it’s not knocking on my door. Back in college I went through several different shades of hair color. I was red, black, brown and blond. I had no attachment to my hair color and loved playing with the change in my look....more

Honoring Our Gold Star Mothers

She walks quietly among us with a deep, unwavering sorrow. Still fresh is the memory when she received that knock on the door, yet she tries desperately to continue living life for herself. She watches her son’s peers go on to accomplish life-long dreams like getting married or having children, and wonders where her son would be today if he were still alive. Although three painful years have passed, the planet has evolved, an election has occurred and the war itself has changed, her tears are still moist, her heart shattered....more

On the Road That Connects Us

Last weekend I had the extraordinarily rare opportunity to travel from El Paso, TX to Phoenix, AZ. Total, that’s 900 miles of driving time alone. I can’t even believe it happened even looking back on it. I was alone. No kids. No husband....more

We Must Lift Up Our Children

As I walked hand-in-hand with my daughter, Whitney, up to her school, I overhead a mother say to her young son, “I can’t believe you almost ran into the street! You’re such a retard!” ...more
Michelle_Garrett Thank you Michelle. And you offer more wonderful advice. :) - Erinmore