Dating my Husband

I’ve been dating a man for 13 years. ...more

Where To Eat in Seaside, Florida

Seagrove Village Market Starting out just next door to the main drag in Seaside, the Village Market has been a staple in Seagrove since 1949. ...more

Opinions | Balance Bar GOLD Caramel Nut Blast

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What to do in Seaside, Florida

Continuing with our Seaside posts, here’s a little overview of this amazing little town: Seaside’s location is so convenient – you’re just a short drive away from many other cute little towns to explore! There was so much honeysuckle everywhere! ...more

Azalea Grove House in Seagrove, Florida!

We’re back from our awesome vacation to the area in and around Seaside, Florida and I’m so excited to share the photos from our trip! We stayed at the Azalea Grove house booked through Sunburst Beach Vacations...more

Our Family is Growing!

Wow, 3 months with no new posts! ...more

A Night at The Inn at Christmas Place

A couple of weeks ago, The Inn at Christmas place hosted me for a night’s stay in their lovely hotel. ...more

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