Be Happy | vitafusion Fiber Well Fit Review

My husband and I are no strangers to the struggle of starting, enjoying, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In the early years of our marriage we went through phases of initiating and failing at every restrictive fad diet or exercise program out there. We finally realized that the reason we were never successful was that we were resenting the new habits that we were forcing ourselves to adopt. It became obvious to us that if we had any hope of reaching and maintaining our health and fitness goals we were going to have to find ways to enjoy what we were doing!...more

My Favorite Homemade Chex Mix

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Red Velvet Oreos Have Arrived. That is all.

I’ve accepted that every time Oreo comes out with a new limited edition flavor, I’m gonna buy it. ...more

Chocolatefest Knoxville 2015

Chocolatefest Knoxville was an annual event for about 25 years. ...more

Movie Food from “Steel Magnolias”

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Best Dining Spots to Watch a Sunset on 30A

Highway 30A is a 28.5 mile stretch of road that follows the Gulf of Mexico on the panhandle of Florida. It’s a strikingly gorgeous and peaceful...more

Yes, Go Forth and Eat Carbs! Great Low Carb Bread Company Review + GIVEAWAY

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An Embarrassing Shameful Dessert

Ugh, just don’t even look at this post. ...more