Grown Ups Aren't Supposed to Have Homework

I distinctly remember being in high school and sitting at the breakfast table with my dad. I was complaining about having to go to school and he told me that he would gladly trade with me because school was much better than work. I pointed out that that was absolutely not true because when you're working and you leave the office, you're done (I realize now that this is not entirely factual, unfortunately). However, with school, you leave and then have to go home and write papers and read chapters and do math problems and study and on and on and on. It never ends....more

I'm a Woman AND I Can Shovel Snow!

Who woulda thought, right?We got a dumping of snow the other day -- about 12 inches -- and I still had to go into work because obviously my job is super important and it is necessary that I physically be in the office even though I could have worked safely from the comfort of home in my jammies (it's nice I'm not bitter about it). When I got there, my boss commented that he hoped my husband was the one who shoveled us out. I wrinkled my nose at him and said that we both did it and that I am perfectly capable of shoveling a little snow....more

Stressful Saturday

When I get stressed out, it usually manifests itself in at least one of three ways:...more

Fifty Years

Growing up in my house meant knowing all about the Magic Bullet Theory, the Zapruder film, the grassy knoll, and the Warren Commission. I often joke to myself that when my mom got to Heaven, after reuniting with family and friends, she immediately went in search of three people: Paul Newman (her celebrity crush), Pope John Paul II (does this one need explanation?), and JFK (he was a Democrat, Catholic, and the fact that he was good-looking probably didn't hurt). ...more


Today marks three years since my mom passed away.As usual, it's been the days leading up to today that were the hardest and not the actual day itself. I think the anticipation is what stresses me out the most because really, today is just as bad as any other. It's not like I miss her more today than every other day of every other year. It's not like the hole in my heart grows bigger today or that her memory is stronger. ...more

How to Be a Productive Adult on a Saturday

Step 1. Wake up before 11am.Step 2. Do stuff.Huh. Who knew it could be so simple?...more

The Heart-Melting Batkid Is Just One More Reason I Love Make-A-Wish

I read about Batkid briefly the other day, but didn't realize that it was all happening today -- until it took over the internet. Miles Scott has been battling leukemia pretty much since he was born and is finally in remission....more
this just melted my heart.more

Throwback Thursday: Role Models

 This photo is of me, my mom, my nana, and my great nana, sometime in 1982 I'm guessing. It's one of my favorite pictures of all time because it has all four generations on one couch. I still make that face sometimes. ...more

'Tis the Season

Basketball season, that is. Today was the first practice for the third and fourth grade girls' team, which my husband proudly coaches. He's been coaching for six years, ever since our nephew was in third grade. Now it's his sister's turn and she is so excited that she couldn't wait a second longer for practice to start so she had her brother walk her over to the gym 15 minutes early. Up until a couple of weeks ago they didn't even have a team, but they're up to nine players now and are technically allowed to compete....more

Don't Think About Pink Elephants

I realized this morning when I opened Facebook that it's Veterans' Day, which means it's November 11, which means that three years ago today is when my mom was rushed to the hospital. As soon as I realized this, I told myself not to think about it. I did pretty well all morning, but the afternoon went downhill quickly. The more I tried NOT to think about it, the more I couldn't STOP. It's not that I want to remember this day, in fact I would prefer to have no memory of it whatsoever, but those horrific images still pop into my head against my will. ...more