Still Processing

I’ve spent a lot of time over the past week or so trying to observe the climate around me regarding the school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary here in my home state of CT. This shooting was the worst attack on an elementary school in US history. It also so happened to hit me close to home as I know one of the mothers who lost her 6-year old child to the attack. Photos of her little girl and her family have been all over Facebook, the news, the newspapers, everywhere and anywhere media exists it seems, there she is....more

Screw Skinny

skinny [ˈskɪnɪ]...more


Between the 20 emails a day the Obama team sends me and the 200 political ads and arguments I see every day on Facebook, not to mention the onslaught of television ads, I think it's safe to say everyone will be glad when this election is over. (And yes, I am crossing my fingers and toes and imploring the baby Jesus to make sure Obama wins because I suspect Romney is a robot and the root of all evil. That's not what this is about though.)...more

Stress: The Final Inappropriate Frontier

Stress is a funny thing. Half the time I have no idea how stressed I actually am because I try not to pay attention to such minor details. I lecture my clients about it all the time but when it comes to myself, um...let's just say I suck at taking my own brilliant advice. ...more

Dear Sandy...

Dear Hurricane Sandy,I'm sorry if I was a little harsh before. I was really full of piss and vinegar on that one!...more

Suck It Sandy

Dear Hurricane Sandy,Thank you for making me feel like a sitting duck in my own living room. As I await your undoubtedly messy and horrible arrival I look back upon this time last year. When there was another storm of this magnitude headed towards us. I didn't take that last storm very seriously. When the power flickered and turned off before that storm even really started, I didn't worry. I knew things would be back to normal in a day.I was WRONG.Wrong.Wrong.Wrong....more



Unconditional Nothing

I like to believe in the idea of unconditional love. It's a beautiful idea and I usually think of the love that exists between parent and child as the ultimate example of it. At least, that's what it's supposed to be. Growing up on Disney movies I was taught that anyone can find unconditional love. As long as they were a princess and had some sort of horrible kidnapping/dragon-napping issue. Living in a tower was optional but preferred....more

For The Family - Alienation Red Flags

Dear Parents,I know I took last week off from reaching out to you. What can I say? I needed the break and maybe you did too. I don't want to overwhelm anybody....more

Communication - Gotta Love It!

I always like to ask people, what made you pick up the phone and call me? Not surprisingly, Communication is the #1 reason people give me. Be it trouble communicating with a spouse, parent, child, or even sibling, not feeling understood by a loved one is incredibly painful and frustrating....more