The voting for the 2013 Insulindependence National Conference Athletic Achievement Awards has begun. And it is super easy to vote. Just watch the Lego Stop Motion video right here.If you like it, remember to share it on all your platforms. Tweet it. Facebook it. post and repost time and time again....more

WilliamChanter- Another in a Long Line of Diabetic Sailors

This July, another crew of adventurers will push the boundaries of what is possible with diabetes. William Chanter and Tom Baker will attempt to sail 55 around the Isle of Wright in England. The Isle of Wright is a small island off the coast of Great Britain and is the smallest county in England on a high tide. On a low tide it becomes the second smallest county....more

Sailing With Diabetics

This is a reprint of an article I wrote for Multihulls Magazine Jan/Feb 2013. It was geared towards sailors and crew members who are not familiar with diabetes. As a person with diabetes, it would be a great primer for anyone you may sail with to be followed up with a discussion of a more detailed plan of action. Insulin on Board...more

Penny Magnification

My night last night.  ...more

BJ Barber

BJ Barber When I was first diagnosed with diabetes, my doctor told me I would need to exercise everyday. I started running the first week and rode my bike ten miles a day to school and work. Both of those felt like work to me. But there was one exercise I started that year that I still love to this day....more

Deep in the Archives

Deep in the Archives This was one of the first things I wrote regarding diabetes and one of the first times I realized that writing can be a great medium for diabetics to connect with each other.  ...more

Checking the Rearview

In getting ready for the next phase of the book project, (you can pre-order a copy here) I've had to take a close look at the beginning of the process to remind myself of why I am doing all of this. I thought I would repost one of the posts that really clarified in my mind one of the things I was trying to accomplish.An Aptitude for Solitude...more

Thyroid Zombies

We are the thyroid zombies, The walking dead, The barely hanging on. We hear our doctors tell us normal is between zero and forty-three,But we are five-thousand and twenty three,And will quickly be,On a first name basis with our phlebotomist. We take our pills in the day to keep us up,And our pills at night to put us down,And still yet other pills to fix the problemsThe others pills brought on. That person in the car next to you,...more
Thanks @Rita Arens . It has gotten a bit better in the last few days. Let's hope this winning ...more

A Day in the Life of a Diabetic

I've decided to start something new. It's a story about a typical diabetic girl. But it's not just me writing it. It's a chain story. So I've written the first chapter and handed it off. It's the story of one night (maybe more?) of Sam who walks into a bar. That's about as much direction as I have given it. Let me know if you want to take a stab at one of the chapters (really just a couple of paragraphs, as much or as little as you'd like to write.) I'll send it off to you next. And when it's all been said and written, I'll post it here for all to read....more

Finally a Useful Upgrade

I just received the new Minimed pump. It now asks stupid questions to remind me to do things I instinctually do because I have been pumping so long. After I prime the tubing, it asks me, "Do you see drops at the end of the tubing?"      I usually yell at it, "You think I would have stopped priming if I didn't?"      I wish I knew how to hack into its software and program it to ask more relevant and helpful questions. Maybe questions Stewart Smalley would have been proud of....more