How Can I Define Myself With Just One Word?

I am not one thing, I am many. I am a flower with many petals; I am a pinwheel. I am a doodle of a work in progress....more
I loved this...a unique and rich journal of your "identity".  Thank you.more

April 1st: The Day the Internet Changed My Life

No joke: Tomorrow is a very special and wonderful anniversary for me. Seven years ago today the internet helped me have a baby. Seriously. Wait. Do you not know this story? Oh, it's a good one. And it's nice to be reminded that the people on the other end of the wires and tubes and webs of our computing devices are as connected to us as we will allow them to be. ...more
Wow!  I hadn't heard your story before.  Seriously, the online infertility community is just THE ...more

Start the music, light the lights

Not that anyone needs my permission, but I promise not to groan and grumble out loud if I see holiday lights or hear Christmas music. I know so many people like to bring in the holiday season as early as possible, but before Thanksgiving is just not ok. (for me) I will absolutely own up […] The post Start the music, light the lights appeared first on Creating Motherhood ....more

Don’t Wait To Talk About Race

I don’t remember having conversations about race and diversity when I was a child. I had Black friends in school, my family had Black friends and neighbors. We were all the same ....more

A Family Dinner Invitation

This post represents a compensated editorial partnership with The Family Dinner Project. Narrative and commentary are my own. My family has been rescued by a family dinner ....more

Elsewhere, things I have said…

I had every intention of writing more here this week, but I kept sitting on my hands. I had written some pretty raw and open posts for other places and that isn’t something I am used to doing. Usually I keep my messy here and my tidy over there ....more

The caregiving experience: an Alzheimer’s Thanksgiving

November is National Family Caregivers month. I love that the honorific falls within a month that is associated with so much thanks. When I look back on the time I was Millie’s caregiver I am filled with gratitude ....more

extracurricular activities: we are doing them!

This week begins our entrance into the world of exciting extracurricular activities. When W was at pre school he would create these fantastic yarns about why he couldn’t do something. “I’m sorry ....more

fears: met

One of my biggest fears not involving W, is a fear that I have had since I was a kid. It began when my feet started to grow and grow and balance was sometimes an issue. I remember being at the top of a flight of stairs and glancing down and realizing my feet were […] The post fears: met appeared first on Creating Motherhood ....more

big holiday punch

This morning I started thinking how nice a warm mug of homemade cider would be. I haven’t yet purchased any this season, but the idea of the perfume of an apple harvest wafting through the house while I worked sounded brilliant. Not brilliant enough for me to go to the store, but brilliant enough for […] The post big holiday punch appeared first on Creating Motherhood ....more