weekend at the movies (why I can not wait to see “The Skeleton Twins”)

I went to the movies with Sandra this weekend. We saw Chef and I think it is safe to say we both enjoyed it. Without giving too much away (although it isn’t exactly a spoil-y kind of film) it is about a chef who begins to cook on a food truck ....more

watching him learn – a day at the Fairmount Water Works

Before school started I relished in filling up W’s and my summer dance card with activities. Now that we are in what can only be called the bumpy learning phase of a new school year I have opted to keep our schedule as simple as possible. We are aiming for a weekly playdate with friends, […] ...more


Nine years ago I became a joiner. I wish I had poured my heart out into the first post, but I was so eager to jump into things I pretty much did a “yadda, yadda, yadda” through my introduction to the blogosphere. I introduced myself as Calliope, an alias I proudly dropped in 2011, and […] ...more

the armor of kindergarten

For the last week or so I have spent as much time as possible with W. Every small pocket of time was filled with an adventure or simply hanging out. I knew once we met September 2nd everything would change ....more

Having Access Shouldn't Be So Difficult

One of the biggest decisions I ever made in my life was choosing to become a mother. Every single aspect of my motherhood was a choice: I decided when I would start to try to have a baby. I selected the sperm donor. I selected the clinic I would go to and which doctor at the clinic I would see. ...more

somehow I made our summer work

In a week W will start school and our summer will officially be over. This last week before classes begin will be filled with house cleaning, organizing, donating, and playing. I still have a full work load to navigate within the week, and W doesn’t have camp to amuse him so we had to get […] ...more

explaining bravery to a five year old

This weekend I watched W wait in line for one of the most elaborate...more

celebrating 93

For my entire life August 12th has been one of the most special days in our family. Even though Millie has been gone for almost five years I still can not imagine a year where I will not pause on her birthday and celebrate it. Millie did not turn 93 today, but for 93 years […] ...more

add this to your back to school list

Yesterday my mom forwarded an e-mail with coupons for school supplies and it hit me: I should probably get serious and focused about school shopping! W starts kindergarten in a month and we are both incredibly excited but I haven’t done my job in keeping up with the logistics. Does he need a specific kind […] ...more

the responsibility of rainbows

This weekend I walked out of the grocery store and looked up. After a storm I always look up. Always ....more