Time to Talk Day

Today is Time to Talk Day, a campaign run by the Time to Change mental health charity.  It's aim is to break down some of the stigma that surrounds mental illness and get people talking about their own mental health and asking friends how their mental health is.  There ...more

Five Apps for Positive Mental Health

Following on from a blog post last year reviewing apps that can help you to improve your life skills, I thought I would share five apps that I have come across that aim to help with the management of mental health and wellbeing. Optimism...more

9 Tips For Keeping Warm on a Budget

 If you are on a tight budget then winter can be a worrying time as it's often when the energy bills will increase....more

Top Tips for Surviving Christmas

Christmas and New Year can be challenging time for many people living with mental health issues.  Below are some tips and suggestions on how to get through this time....more

How to Create an Emotional First Aid Kit

In an earlier post about preparing for times of stress or mental unwellness, I suggested creating your own emotional first aid kit.  An emotional first aid kit works in a very similar way to a traditional first aid kit that you would keep in your home for treating minor injuries and physical health issues.  The idea is that you create a central place where you can store the ...more

Getting Ready for Independence

With so many students getting themselves geared up for moving away from home and going off to university it seemed like a good time to share some tips and suggestions on what to buy or acquire when moving out from home and into a shared house or halls of residence....more

Tips For Decluttering Your Home

1.  PlanBefore tackling each area get yourself 4 boxes.  Label one 'Keep', one 'Donate', one 'Sell' and one 'Throw'.  Every item you sort out must be allocated to one box and don't second guess yourself once you have made a decision.  2. Break tasks down in to small chunks...more