Estella Sparkles: A Product to Baby-Buttify Your Face

Not kidding. Want baby's butt face skin? Follow me.. ....more

Book of the Month: Not Just a Legend

Growing up, when I heard anything about readers or reading at all, it was often in the context of a nebulous "book of the month" club. I heard it on TV, mostly, since I was something of a couch potato, but somewhere out there was this iconic thing from whence people received the mail! That, too, was a cool idea to my innocent, young self.Now I'm 30 years older and the book mail is a lot more common for me, but the idea of a Book of the Month is still pretty exciting ....more

Estella Sparkles: Tips for Long Wearing Summer Makeup

Awww yissss! Summer is winding down, but this is the time in Texas when the heat is most unbearable. When we were on our way back from Gulf Shores a couple of weeks ago, we rolled into our home state to 107-degree weather ....more

They Myth of the Crappy Blogger

It's another busy, stupid, frustrating work day, and I'm taking five minutes out for lunch before I dive back into a marketing piece that needs to be finished like, now. My stress and anxiety are super high...a symptom of a chaotic workplace. Y'all know this ....more

Sunday Brain Dump: The School Days Edition

Whoa, whoa, whoaaaa changes! It's happening, folks. The countdown to Greyson's first day of kindergarten has begun ....more

Deliciously Unnerving: The Beautiful Bureaucrat

I picked up The Beautiful Bureaucrat, by Helen Phillips, for the gorgeous cover and the fantastic preliminary buzz. Both turned out to be true reflections of this deliciously unnerving novel. A young woman finds a job entering information in a database, "The Database," in a dispiriting, blank, windowless room with an unusually nondescript boss ....more

Sunday with a Side of Perspective

A view of Gulf Shores from the State Park Pier Ahhh, what a week at the beach can do for one's sanity. Restore it! Growing up, my mom, grandmother, and I would take a family vacation every summer ....more

Books in My Beach Bag

My husband and I are going on an ACTUAL beach vacation. We haven't been on a week-long vacation...well, ever. Not together anyway ....more

The Pros and Cons of The Tattoo Coloring Book

The Tattoo Coloring Book by Oliver Munden and Jo Waterhouse was the second coloring book I bought. I love tattoo art, so this is probably the book I was most excited to pick up...initially.The artwork in this book is stunning and leans toward a traditional style of tattoo. Lots of animals: roaring tigers, leaping sharks, snakes wrapped around skulls and whatnot.The cover art is beautiful, and there's a pull-out section in the middle wherein the images are beautifully filled in ....more

Sunday Brain Dump: 7.26.15

Happy Sunday, friends. I hope you all had a great, relaxing weekend. I know I did.Last weekend was a lot of fun with Greyson home and some excellent pool time and crisping in the sun ....more