Books Calling: Will I Answer?

I've been randomly perusing my shelves, picking up books here and there, and then, more often than not, laying them back down again. However, yesterday Travelers Rest by Keith Lee Morris grabbed me. This one is about a family (mother, father, son) traveling cross-country from picking up Uncle Robbie from rehab ....more

Getting Ducks in a Row (While Rowing) and Fighting the Summer Slump

I thought I might be misremembering so I went into Goodreads yesterday to see what I read in June. About half of a book. So yeah, I wasn't misremembering! ...more

What is Wrong With Me? My Feet are ASLEEP!

When I was a kid, right on up through high school and undergrad, I wore sneakers (we call them tennis shoes in Texas) almost exclusively. There was the occasional pair of Nike sandals, but sneakers were really my comfort zone. Once I graduated college and started teaching, I had to find some dressy alternatives: ballet flats, nicer sandals ....more

The Great Unplug of 2016

I'm out, kids. I have travel, family time, and water wading to do. I'm uninstalling my Facebook, Twitter, and FitBit apps for a week ....more

Fitness: My Brain is a Jerk

I'm up to week 6 of Couch to 5K and getting to this point has taken me about 10 weeks (here's a list of the intervals if you're curious). Something like that. There's a whole other post coming on how to make C25K work for you because it might not work straight out of the box ....more

Currently: The Sausage and Podcasts Edition

First, I have to thank all of you who jumped in for #WeekofReviews! Sorry I fell off the wagon a bit at the end. Life ....more

#WeekofReviews: Quiet, Subtle, Powerful - The Book of Unknown Americans

The Book of Unknown Americans by Cristina Henriquez is a book that insists on and embodies empathy. After their daughter Maribel sustains a head injury, her mother and father make the decision to leave their home and successful business in Mexico to put Maribel in a special school in the United States. They end up in a fairly rural area in Delaware in the Redwood Apartments living alongside immigrants from a variety of Latin American countries ....more

#WeekofReviews Shorties: The Painted Veil and Moranthology

I read The Painted Veil by W. Somerset Maugham AGES ago, like January. I've been kicking myself ever since for not giving this book more love because it was definitely that rare classic that sucked me right in, did not let go, and forced me to read it in two days.Kitty Fane is getting older (by societal standards of the time) and she's squandered a truckload of marriage proposals, so she settles for a nice, boring-to-her, bacteriologist named Walter at her mother's urging and with her sister's grand wedding on the horizon ....more

We Interrupt Regularly Scheduled Posting for the Burden On My Heart

This will be a very different post than the one I started writing this morning. I woke up disappointed. I slept through my 5 a.m. alarm, and my 5:15 alarm ....more

The Secret History of the Pink Carnation or Getting Saucy in a Boat

ROMANCE! Andi read a romance novel! I picked up The Secret History of the Pink Carnation by Lauren Willig, the first in the lengthy Pink Carnation series, years and years and YEARS ago! ...more