Why I'm an Artist (and Not a Politician)

I just broke up with the Daily Kos.  It was never a very honest relationship.  ”There are some things about you that I don’t like, but I’m pretending to ignore them.”  This morning I got dressed and went straight to the computer. ...more

Introducing myself

Hello BlogHer,  I'm one of four female writers who maintain the MOXIE Blog, which is a month old today.  We are a woman-centered theatre company in San Diego, but we don't limit our posts to the subject of theatre.  We discuss anything moxielicious: inspiration, process, passion, arts and politics, arts and feminism, and, of course, our kids.  Okay, lots about our kids. ...more

Yes, it turns out there are a couple of others.  (Learning curve, anyone?) And the Moxie mom ...more