Another day with no words, except this day is really the first. The first day of this year's NaNo (either one really) in which I didn't have some inspired, choir singing in the back of my mind, aha moment so that I knew Exactly what was happening, when and where and how it was happening and even, yes I even knew who was doing the happening....more

Name Change

Name Change? For years I dreamed of being able to change my first name to something unusual. In my extended family there were, at one time, five Elizabeth’s to contend with. My grandmother still just yells Elizabeth first and then moves on to the rest of the names. There were not, and still aren’t, any Gwendolyns, Aprils (Big fan of TMNT!), or Briannas. As I grew, the ratio did not improve. There is almost always another Elizabeth in each class, at every job, and looking better than me at any party. So yes, I have thought long and hard about this over the years....more