Cauliflower soup

Sometimes what you need is...more

Portfolio & Work

I’m available for freelance recipe development, food writing and food photography. I currently work as a culinary contributor for...more

Life-changing loaf of bread

I stumbled upon this recipe a few months ago, and when I read the title, I knew I had to try it. A life-changing loaf of bread. A bread that’s going to change my life? ...more

Speculoos Rum Mousse

It’s almost time for the Eurovision...more

Goat cheese stuffed portobello

I’m still not quite sure what came over me, but I found myself cleaning out my entire apartment last weekend. It started with one kitchen cabinet on friday evening, and it ended with me taking no less than 25 (!!) big bags of old junk to the city recycling centre. I guess this is what they call spring cleaning (after I threw everything away, I cleaned everything....more

Four days in Rome

OK Rome, you win. Yes, we want to move to you and spend our days on sunny piazza’s, drinking latte macchiato’s or aperol spritz. We want to wander through your beautiful ancient streets until our feet hurt, and take a rest while we feast on simple but scrumptious food ....more

Dutch vegetable soup

I spent last weekend in Rome with the Mr and the Minichef. What a city! So beautiful and the food is divine ....more

Hazelnut chocolate shortbread

I’ve had friends telling me I now speak English with a slight French accent, and a Spanish journalist asking me if I was French, but I never really believed I actually developed a French accent (I mean, come on, a Dutch girl speaking English with a French accent? That would mean one major identity crisis!). Unfortunately, thanks to Siri (the voice control system of Apple), I now know the harsh truth ....more

Coriander falafel with bell pepper, coriander and feta dip

You probably know that I split my weeks between my home in the Netherlands, and my other home, in France. It’s a 480 km (300 miles) drive, one way. I don’t mind driving, but these trips are still far from being my favourite parts of the week ....more

Blackberry smoothie

Are you on Instagram? I am, and it’s by far my favourite social network. I love having a peek into other people’s lives through pictures ....more