Dipping My Toe into Online Dating

On a sunny winter day, a new friend came over and we worked in the yard. As we excavated three months' worth of weeds, we talked about relationship stuff and she asked questions that unearthed some hibernating assumptions inside me. ...more
Ugh!  Yes tried eharmony and HATED it (closed out my profile early, plus $$) , tried match.com ...more

Online Piracy: Trusting the Good of the Community

What were my drawings are now out in the world. I can never predict which illustrated stories are going to hit a nerve, trigger a response. I hear from strangers, and see different sides of friends I already know. I have drawings in my notebook that no one’s ever seen. And without an audience, without community, they too are like friends I know in a very specific context. Who knows what new angles I'd see in them if they entered the online world? ...more
I am glad I found this article.  It both tempers my frustration and fuels it.  I have had a lot ...more

Drawing Diary: Changing the Filter

When I walked to the park the other day, here's what caught my attention in this scene, in order of appearance: ...more

One aspect I really enjoy about sharing these drawings -- even if it feels like I'm ...more

Drawing Diary: Why I'm Not a Farmer's Market Person

I know I'm supposed to like the farmer's market. But I've tried and now I admit: not for me. Here's why. ...more

I love your notion about cash being king. And these comments made me remember there's a smaller ...more

Filling Up

Lately, the old distractions aren't working. Last week, I tried to watch TV.  But its sedative effects weren't hooking me. ...more

Amen sister! I loved this post. I love that I do not have a tv (or a phone) in my bedroom. It is ...more