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What is Rustic style? How to achieve it? (read more) ...more

Decorating with stripes

Maybe you’re one of those who adores them, or maybe you just can’t stand them, but it’s a fact that stripes are one of the most followed fashion trend. What about home décor then?...more

Croque Monsieur recipe

Some days are really, really busy…today is one of those days. I didn’t have time to cook a proper lunch and I was not feeling like eating another sandwich or, at least, not the same old one. What about a Croque Monsieur then?!  Easy to do, rich, and so good…yes! This is my recipe, the basic one, but you can add grilled vegetables instead of ham, or add more cheese…it’s up to you and your taste. What you need: The bread. I only eat whole wheat flour braed, but of course you can use your favourite one. Two slices for a croque monsieur....more

Make your own DETOX WATER

I recently found out about a tasty, refreshing and easy to do detox water and I’d love to share it with you. It is very, very easy to do and believe me, it tastes so good! First of all, you need a 8 oz pitcher or a simple bottle. I use two 4 oz glass jars. Then you need a tangerine, a cucumber and a lemon. Enough. Half cucumber/lemon/tangerine per 8oz. You can make 2 pitchers or bottles and save them for the next day, no problem at all (the more the fruits rest in the water, the better)...more

Black & White Interior Inspiration

What do you think about adding black to a total-white home? I love to wear black and I love black accessories but I’ve always been a little bit uncertain about home décor, especially if we’re talking about a completely white one…well, I had to make up my mind when I saw these interiors: ...more

Frederic FEKKAI: Free Headband and 10%OFF!

How beautiful is this sparkling headband?! Well, I'm more than thrilled to share that you can get it for FREE with a $50 purchase (code HEADBAND) and 10% OFF your total order when purchasing through this link: (http://bit.ly/V6iyg2) #ad #pgstocking...more

Home Inspiration | Nordic Style

One of my favourite style for home, besides french-country-provençal and coastal, is nordic....more