From the Blogosphere: Dispatch 1

Warning: Veteran bloggers may find this post obvious and boring.  But then again, you could linger and weigh in with your wisdom and expertise!...more

I find what you're doing wonderful. You can write. You are thoughtful. You're good with mental ...more

A Museum of One's Own: Shuttlecocks and Roy

When I was growing up, my father traveled throughout the week and came home on weekends.  The last thing he wanted to do for summer vacation was pack up and leave again, so he would take a week off in the summer and stay home with us.  In fact, he might have inadvertently invented the staycation....more

No Worse for the Wear and Perhaps Significantly Better

I just read a New York Times article (" American Dream is Elusive for New Generation" 7-7-10) about a recent college grad, Scott, looking for work while residing with his parents in suburban New England after completing school debt free since his family paid his tuition.  He's not been able to find his dream job or any job that meets his standards, having just turned down a 40K position with an insurance company because, well, it wasn't the level of salary or responsibility he desired....more