Tips from Tracy

Today’s Tip: BuffetsWhen planning an event people often think that they need to do a buffet because it is more affordable and that is all that will fit into their budget. Well did you know that a buffet can be more expensive, not less? It seems counter intuitive because a plated meal seems nicer, however, when you have a buffet, you have to have more food. There is no saying how many times Uncle Steve will go back to the buffet and you do not want to run out of food, so the caterers have to be prepared for that....more

Must Have Wedding Shots

The idea of getting your photos back and realizing you didn’t get half the shots that you wanted now that it is too late is a nightmare, but unfortunately happens to too many couples because they didn’t give their photographer or planner a must have list. I always encourage my couples to make a list of exact photo combinations they want – couple with siblings, couple with grandparents, etc. If your photographer and planner have a list like that, it will help your family photos go so much quicker....more

Kids in Weddings

Some couples know without a doubt that they will have children in their wedding. Others are on the fence about the decision. On the one hand, they are obviously adorable, no matter what they do, it is funny or cute,  you can dress them up how you want, and you love them, they are probably your family or children of loved ones....more

The "F" Word: A planner's least favorite thing to hear

No, not THAT F word...FRIEND.  As in -  Planner: "do you have a photographer yet?" Client: "my friend will be doing that".  Cue ringing in our ears and our hearts dropping. When a planner hears "my friend will be doing that" what we instantly fear is a. no contract, b. no experience (or no paid experience anyway), c. limited understanding of how to work with other vendors and their mutual client, d. no communication with them prior to the event, e. a disappointed client....more

Joys of Marriage

Sunday is my first anniversary, I'm excited to return to where we got married for brunch. I think it will be lovely and I'm feeling sentimental about the entire thing. As I think about the occasion I thought I might share what I've learned this year about how great it is to be married....more

Wish you many years of happiness and love!


To Be or Not To Be Bridezilla - Guest Post from Crowning Victoria

I am super excited to have our first ever guest post from one of my favorite bloggers and clients, Vicki  at Crowning Victoria! Did you know when you become a bride you not only have the option of taking your husband's last name but another one as well?  With the title of Bride comes a different, ugly surname. That, being of "Zilla." Bridezilla. I shudder at the thought....more