This Year I'm Setting Running Intentions Instead of Goals

It doesn't take too long for numbers to begin to rule your running world. Miles run, minutes run, miles per minute, splits, repeats, and race distances. The numbers sometimes seem to swirl around a runner like a tornado. It's easy to get caught up in the numbers and let them be your only focus and the sole driver of your goals. ...more

Walking Made Me a Marathon Runner

I finished my first marathon at 41. It wasn't pretty and it took what seemed like a very long time, but I finished. I'd love to tell you that a few months ago I decided to get in shape and run a marathon and then, with some hard work and dedication, I made it happen. But no, my road to running just a few miles, much less even considering a marathon, wasn't pretty. And it took what was most definitely a very long time. And I would have never made it without walking. ...more
@Crissi L I'm back to run/walking post marathon because I need to rest and do some self care. ...more

The New Runner's Guide to Playing Well with Others

Has the arrival of the New Year (and maybe, possibly, a bit of holiday over-indulgence) spurred you to lace up your running shoes and hit the road? Fantastic! Welcome! While I've only been a serious runner for a couple of years, I have two half marathons under my belt and am training for my first full 26.2, so I'm comfortable playing ambassador to the newest members of the slightly motley crew of those who call themselves runners....more
@BlogHer thumbs up for etiquette!more

What I Learned from my NaBloPoMo Failure and 7 Weeks Away from Blogging

Back in November I daringly took on the NaBloPoMo challenge to post to my blog every day. From the beginning I knew it was going to be a tall order to blog daily with a very busy month ahead. In addition go the holiday activities that come along with November, I was runing my second half marathon in another city mid-month. Still I thought if I could blog daily during such a hectic month I'd have a new perspective on blogging.I failed. Interestingly enough though, I found a new perspective on blogging along the way. ...more
I love how your blogger's block was transformed into a wonderfully insightful post. Thanks for ...more

Butternut Squash, Ricotta, and Sage Crostini - The Perfect Pre-Thanksgiving Nibble

If the many blog posts, cooking site newsletters, and cookbooks are any indication, our main concerns come thanksgiving are (in this order):1. The bird (or some other similar star of the show)2. A plethora of side dishes3. Desserts and more desserts...more
That looks amazing! I am totally making that!more

Mac and Cheese Cupcakes - Filling the Freezer the Fun Way

My freezer is my dinner time lifeline. On nights when I'm tired or simply don't have enough hours in the day to get a from-scratch dinner on the table I turn to my stash of frozen goodies to be sure we don't have to eat out to eat. Mac and cheese cupcakes are a brilliant idea I discovered on Pinterest from Once a Month Mom and they've been a regular staple in my freezer ever since....more
I never thought to do this. What a great idea :-)more

Kitchen Gadget Craziness: Scrap Trap

I'm a kitchen gadget junkie and to keep my gadget collection reasonably confined to my available storage space I usually have a strict "no unitaskers" rule. However, every now and again I'll find a unitasker that is the exception to my rule. My Scrap Trap is one of my favorite gadgets and yes, it's a unitasker.  ...more
@sassymonkey Sometimes I'll be in the middle of prep and try to sweep the vegetable scraps into ...more