It's a soup kinda day!

Often we get together with our neighbors friends and do group dinners, this weekend was no different. We all gathered at our house for pot roast, potato soup, and of course some thanksgiving leftovers....more
It's a very good soup kind of day! It looks delicious!more

Sandy and Vegetable Quinoa Soup (GF)

 So this post is a little later than I originally wanted but we have had a lot going on, like a lot of the northeast we were also affected by Sandy. Granted, we had minimal damage compared to A LOT of other people and for that we are blessed. (Please realize that I am not complaining we have nothing to complain about.)...more

Sporty 3rd Birthday!

This year was a fun year for my sons birthday, this was the first year he really understood what was going on and he talked about for weeks before. Every morning he would talk about his party and who he wanted to invite, he told me what kind of cake he wanted, and he told us (what seemed like every minute) what toys and games he wanted. He was ready to turn 3! (It meant that he wasn't little anymore.)...more

My First Gluten Free Thanksgiving (recipes)

I have to admit I was kind of dreading and excited for this thanksgiving. I love thanksgiving, all the great food that usually triggers memories. I love spending the day with my family, kids running around, drinking wine and eating too much....more

And what a birthday it is...

Today is my sons first birthday and what a great day it should be, right?  Well for my son today is the most uncomfortable painful day he has experienced thus far in his short life.  He has one of the worst diaper rashes I have ever seen, and on top of that he has a yeast infection and what I believe is a stomach virus; which isn't helping either cause.  To see him in so much pain breaks my heart, what mother wants to see their child hurt?  My husband and I have done everything that we can think of; putting on anti-fungal cream, zinc-oxide creams, baking soda baths, natu...more

The Secret Club

There is this secret club that no one ever talks about and you would never know that it even exists, that is until you get pregnant. Before you ever get pregnant you think you have an idea about how it is going to go; morning sickness, the urge to pee all the time, cravings, and that it is going to hurt like hell....more

The Important Things...

Being a parent you come to realize what is important in life. Yeah, I know everyone says that but you really don't completely understand until you are a parent. Not only that, but I find that I appreciate my own parents more than ever now that I have my son. I know now just how much they really love me, it's more than words. You can't love anyone or thing as much as your own child....more

Children ARE expensive!

  I always knew that kids were expensive but I guess I really didn’t know, well at least not until I had one of my own.  The biggest shocker…day care!  This expense was the one I didn’t know about, no one tells you to make sure you have an extra 800-900 dollars a month to pay for it.  Day care prices vary, and for the most part as the child gets older it will reduce, but come on!  The only way I make my self feel ok about it, is to (1) think about the care my child is getting while I am not around and (2) when you break it down, it is less than mini...more