Sunday Reflections: Anniversary of My Failed Suicide

This Sunday is an ordinary Sunday. It will start by hearing two little people talk and giggle as they wake up and crawl into each other’s beds, where they will lay there and read books for a while. The dog, downstairs, will take umbrage at the intrusion of the Sunday paper and the newsboy – forever terrified of the sound of the dog – will run after he stuffs the paper through the mail slot, unaware of the fact the nicest dog in the world isn’t grumpy with him, just with affront of the newspaper....more
Wow, thank you. This moved me tremendously.more

SWAK: Do You Kiss Your Kids on the Lips?

There was a discussion on a forum awhile back about whether or not parents kiss their kids on the lips. I was shocked by how many mothers reacted in disgust saying things like, "No! My lips are for my husband only!" as if kissing on the lips was a purely romantic thing. But I got to thinking that if you weren't raised kissing your own parents on your lips, then you probably wouldn't do the same with your own kids. My first reaction was: Some parents don't kiss their kids on the lips? And the second one was: And some people romanticize the act of kissing to the point of exclusion?...more
 @everydaystranger  @dancingonthejourney do you kiss your kids on the lips?more