I’ve Been Unconsciously Coupling for Years!

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin decided to consciously uncouple.  As an uncoupled woman myself, I certainly understand the pain and confusion that comes along with that decision.  Your dreams shatter quite consciously.  When I became uncoupled, it was called divorce.  I used to feel bad about myself, but now I’m feeling quite chic.  I am not a divorced woman.  I am a woman who makes conscious decisions and decided to uncouple.  Yes.  That is who I am....more

"Anyone Who Wants To Love You Is Always Welcome"

My ex-husband left when my son was an infant. Initially, we did not hear from my ex’s family. Looking back, they probably had no idea what to do.One day, my son and I received a package in the mail. It was a book written and drawn by my niece on the ex’s side of the family. It was a book that introduced my son to the all members of their family. She had photos of everyone and their pets. She drew maps of where they lived. My niece described herself and the rest of the family to my young son through her photos and drawings. She told him how much they love him....more
What a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing!more