“Why do the assistants step over her instead of walking around?” Adanna whispered to Nahue.  “A Princess should never disgrace herself by doing something like this.  For an assistant to walk around her is to admit she is not worthy to be a Queen.  The Princess walks around so they will never in life step over a Queen.”  Nahue said, loud enough for Gzifa to hear.            Adanna could see the logic in that....more


“My heart still aches to be with my father.  I want to go comfort her.” Adanna told Nahue. “We can’t interfere.” Nahue said looking over a copy of the ship’s map.             “We can’t.”  Adanna couldn’t get the crying Princess of her mind.“She must get over this in her own time.” Nahue held his bandaged arm.  He had placed on a long sleeve shirt to cover it up. Adanna thought to herself. “I can’t get him into any more trouble....more

I know the feeling

The young lady had tried several times to hurry back down the gangplank but when the effects of losing her father became apparent, she reluctantly came on board. On the deck the girl leaned on the rail screaming. “Father!” she cried out. “Help me. Don’t leave me!” her arms were out stretched toward him as he blew silent kisses towards her, still with the blade to his heart. He motioned for her to quite down, to be at ease, just as one would expect a father to do....more

Good byes are never Good

Everyone was ordered to the deck to greet the last on coming guest.  It was a solemn moment.  No one cheered her on.  All stood watching in disbelief.  They had to watch another tearful good-bye.            The ship had been docked for only a few minutes.  Adanna watched the girl say her good-byes to her father several times by kissing and hugging him.  She saw the father whisper words of what could only be encouragement each time he pushed her onto the gangplank. ...more

You'll See

“Oh, don’t worry about it.  I’ll just tell them I don’t want you punished.”  She helped Nahue place the other bag on the luggage rack.  Together they placed her clothes into the drawer.Nahue shocked his head.  “Why can’t she get a clue?” he thought.The room fell quiet minus the sound of the two opening and closing the drawers.Adanna thoughts were on how she was supposed to handle this new person in her life.  Nahue had said he was her assistant. Adanna took a strong look at Nahue, he in turned looked back at her....more

How Big is this Ship!

The way to Adanna room was filled with more turns than a mountainous highway. They had ridden several different elevators.“I hope you can get me out of here when the time is right.”  Adanna said trudging down the hallways. They reached room number 1423, on the fourteenth floor.The hallway was filled with people bustling around with trays and clothing. There were other girls her age walking from room to room giving her strange looks and whispering to one another....more

I'll Handle This-Maybe

Adanna didn’t believe what she just heard.“You must be crazy.  I just fell out of the bed.  I jumped on it.  I fell out of it.  It was not the first time I jumped on a bed and fell out of one. You had nothing to do with it.”  Adanna said.  She looked at the man and rolled her eyes.  Nahue’s face twisted.  He was trying to let her know it was not the proper way to speak....more

His name is NaHue

“How rude could it be for a total stranger to see nothing but my feet dangling in the air and me on a strange bed?”  Adanna thought.  Before he could get to her, she slid off the bed, hitting her head on the frame, and everything on the bed fell on top of her. “You have to leave.  Get your stuff and get off the ship.” His voice was not the sweet voice he used when she first saw him.  “You are a disgrace to yourself, your family and everyone on this ship.”...more

Q T Pie

“Hey, number twenty four, number twenty four.” Adanna said giving into a little dance and watched him walk inside.  He could be someone she’d like to see more of.Adanna mind drifted back over her girlfriends’ action. A small voice seems to whisper in her ear.  “Forgive them.  In the end they will still be your friends.” Adanna turned to see a shadow of a figure but nothing was there.  “Be a friend.”...more


“May I show you to your state room Princess Adanna?”  A tall man with no hair asked her.            “Princess!” Adanna dropped her bags, took a step back and looked towards her father.  He was gone....more