I *heart* Facebook

I love Facebook. I love finding old friends, catching up, and seeing pictures of their cute kids.  I like how easy it is to keep in touch, or simply check in on a friend.  It makes relationship maintenance really easy!I know that Facebook doesn’t make for the deepest of relationships,  but it is a fun way to stay connected beyond the Christmas card. The problem is when I love it too much…...more

One Chinese Mother's Voice

"Why Chinese Mothers are Superior," an essay in the Wall Street Journal, skittered across the screens of my various electronic devices several times this weekend.  In this provocative essay, author Amy Chua compares Western and Chinese parental mindsets, illustrating the “strictness” of Chinese child-rearing, citing this as the reason for the stereotypical “successful” prodigies raised in Chinese families. As the product of a Chinese mother, and a Chinese mother raising little “prodigies” myself, the article left me conflicted.  ...more
We live in China and I found the book fascinating and also sad. I grieved over all the hours ...more

Christianity and the Torn Curtain

But her words prompt ponderings of how well we Christ-followers represent him. I know I can’t get it right all the time. My human, fallible heart gets in the way. But I doubt my friend is looking for perfection. I think she’s looking for reality. From what I know of her, I think she’s looking for me to be honest about my humanity, my inability to do life correctly. She wants to know I am just like her – unable to make it on my own, needing something. ...more

Dancing On The Journey

I was just reading today that we'd all be better off, if we focus ...more