A Letter to my Girls about Politics & Hope

Girls,This morning we talked about the election results over breakfast. Emily, you asked me why I was glad that Obama had won and we talked about how you vote for the candidate that you think believes in the things that you feel are most important. We talked briefly about how candidates talk about their platforms and how we all try and make an informed decision."How old do you have to be to be president, Mom?" I answered you. I saw your eyes light up. "You could be the president, Mom, you are older than 35!"I love that you said this....more

Mommy Dates

All month I have looked around my house with my What can I get rid of and declutter lens. This morning I am looking at my house with my Holy Shit, I have a Mommy Date microscope....more

Exercise Your Right!

Exercise your right to vote.  Please.I can look back on the last 20 years in a number of different ways.   The Clinton years, the Bush years, the Obama years.  The college years, the beach years, the Chapel Hill years.This morning I noticed that the last twenty years of my life can be divided up in to the teeny, tiny bra top years, the wind pant years (coinciding with my Sporty Spice phase) and the more recent running skirt phase....more

Even more Stuff

Stuff. I have written about my tendency to hold on to Stuff before. I hold on not just to scraps of paper and pictures and acorns and single mismatched earrings. I hold on to people, too. It is both my greatest quality and my weakness. In recent years I have learned to embrace the "people are in your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime" theory. Previously I tried to keep everyone in my life for a lifetime. I thought it made my life richer....more

Whatcha Gonna Do With All That Junk

Keep Trash Donate month has been brought to you by butts.  And by boobs. What's next? Gettin' in my drawers, of course! My JUNK drawers!This morning while I waited for the waffle iron to heat up I opened the dreaded junk drawer in the kitchen to see what kind of treasures I might find....more

Day Two!

Today's episode of Keep Trash Donate is not sponsored by my ass. I will give you a moment to be sad.I thought I'd move on to another part of me that gets no attention. Well, they get a lot of attention but mostly from my nine month old. Lucy is getting teeth this week which means I have a boob out about 20 hours a day. Oddly a single boob is even less than 50% as sexy as a pair of boobs. I will leave that to the mathematicians among us to figure out....more


November means a few different things in the blogosphere.  It's kind of hard to figure out which way to go. ...more


It's no mystical secret that life is a careful balancing act. Every single decent therapist I have ever spoken to has said within twenty minutes "Well, Kelly, it sounds like you need to find some balance and I can't tell you how to do that." Well, I am not forking out $125 an hour for you to ask me questions.Balance. I have spent my entire adult life looking for it. Work and play time. Ambition and relaxation. Exercise and diet. Save money for your future but live in the moment....more

The Boardwalk

Some things never change.That is one of those things that people say when what they really mean is “Can you believe that asshole? They haven’t grown up at all!” But sometimes you get to say it and all you mean is that some things do not ever, ever change.Zoltar told us our fortune. We piled in a photo booth and had our pictures taken. We ate ice cream cones and greasy pizza for dinner. We went on the Gravitron and laughed as our arms turned to lead. The Freefall had me hysterical. The bumper cars did not let us down....more

Welcome to our Ool

You may note that there is no P in it.But do not join me in the Pshower at our Ool. Not if you are not a fan of pee.I love my feet. They get me from place to place and they are just perfect. They are enormous. And they smell very, very bad. But that is the fault of my Chuck Taylors and my Vibrams and my hatred of socks. It is not their fault at all. I take care of them. They are the only feet I have.I have never really been what you would call an Athlete. And yet I have had Athelete's Foot a billion times. Just lucky, I guess. You might know where this is going....more