The Blessing in Being of Service


Updating your Inner Warrior Woman

3 Tips to Thrive During your Execumama Ride ...more

Could a charter school be the right choice for your child?

Monise L. Seward, M.S. is the CEO and Founder of Millenium Scholars Academy, and has graciously accepted my invitation to discuss the relevance of charter schools.  Take a moment to educate (or refresh) your mind on the options that charter schools provide.  I invite you to read Ms. Seward's perspective, and post your questions and comments fo her right here.  She welcomes the opportunity to help us understand just how important a charter school experience can be to our quest as parents for the best route for our child.  Visit for more details. ...more

A Note to our next First Lady

A formidable figure in her own right. The quintessential Executive Mother (no abbreviations for Michelle) who serves as a role model just by being her inspirational self. I dedicate this posting to the next First Lady of the United States, Mrs. Michelle LaVaughn Obama. For most of us in my generation, this year, Barack moved from obscurity (though he was working hard and smart for many years before we even knew who this man was), and into our homes, our lives and our hearts. Since then, Michelle has neither clamored for the limelight nor shied away from the public. ...more