How Online Education Is For You If You're On The Go

You want to go back to school to create more career opportunities for yourself, but how are you going to cram that into your busy schedule?Do you want to bolt from work, juggle picking up the kids and their afterschool functions and then try to slide into the back row of a night class at the community college? Or, how about spending your too-few weekend hours in a classroom or driving back and forth?No way and no thank you....more

Don't Forget About Fido When Making Holiday Dinner!

May it be an elaborate Christmas dinner or families get together during the holidays. One thing is certain, there’s always going to be an emphasis on food to eat during this time. While your friends and family already have their heart set on that juicy holiday ham, let’s not forget about our four-legged companions during the holidays. They bring you joy and happiness throughout the year and they should be included in the holiday festivities....more

Choosing the Right Dog for Your Life

Ever feel like something is missing from your life -- perhaps a void that can only be filled by a furry best friend? Once you recognize you want a dog, the biggest challenge is selecting the right breed for your specific circumstances. Of course you want a dog that you like the look of, but there are more factors that go into choosing a dog. Just like people are individuals, dogs have unique personalities too – largely influenced by their breed....more
What would be some good advice for neighbors who seem to treat their dogs cruelly?  We had a ...more

Gift Ideas for Your Child's Teacher as the School Year Begins

The beginning of a new school year is finally here, and teachers are busy prepping their classrooms for the fresh new faces they’ll be instructing this year. If you know any first-year teachers, this can be an especially exciting, yet nerve-wracking, time of year. Just like students will have their list of back to school supplies, there are some supplies and gifts you can give to help teachers prepare for the upcoming school year. ...more
I send supplies that are not on the kids' list like Clorox wipes or a large bottle of hand ...more

Tips for Sizing Up Summer Eyewear

With the Summer Solstice come and gone, it’s officially summer throughout the country. Summer often means long days at the beach or pool, soaking in the sun and frolicking in the warm water. When you’re packing your bag to head down to the shore, you’ll probably include plenty of water, sandals, snacks, and sunscreen to protect your sensitive skin from burning. But just like you’ll need to ensure that your skin is safe from the sun’s rays, you’ll want to bring the proper eye protection to not only keep the sun out of your eyes, but to also prevent damage from those harmful UV rays....more

Your Child's First Time At Summer Camp

If you’re sending a child to summer camp for the first time, it’s natural to stress over packing all the essentials they’ll need to stay safe and happy while away from home. The Boy Scouts’ motto is, “always be prepared,” so here are some tips to help you prepare them for their big trip.Safety comes first, so before sending your child off to camp, go over safety basics. Make sure he knows how to behave in a different environment and who to go to in case of emergency. Knowledge is the most valuable tool your child can have when you’re not around....more

Troops Overseas Can Send Love Ones Back Home Gifts

There are many ideas for how to show support for the troops or gift ideas for a military spouse. However, I have been having a hard time finding a resource on how military overseas can send gifts to love ones back home....more

4th of July Memories Raising Through My Mind

As a kid, my family always made a big deal out of the 4th of July. Several of my family members served in the military and we were all raised to love our country. For us, Independence Day was about celebrating the many blessings we enjoy as Americans....more