What I learned from reading 100 blogs

I mentioned in my "Why I blog" post that I was participating in Blogelina's "100 comment" event. Well, I finished reading all 100 137 blogs and tried to leave specific comments on each and not just "great post". It was challenging, but I through the experience I got to read a lot of great blogs and met new people....more

Vehicle buying decision matrix

A while ago, the hubby and I were considering buying either an SUV or a minivan. Initially, I shuddered at the word "minivan". I told myself I'd never own a minivan. Ever. But like all "I'll never" statements made before having our son, I had to seriously consider a minivan now because my needs have changed. Now you may say, you only have one kid, why do you need a minivan? Or, even if you had two kids, why do you need a minivan?...more

JCP and customer loyalty


A few of my favorite blogs

First off, we're only about 50 pageviews away from 10,000 and a gift card giveaway!!!!!...more

Is she talking to the puppy or the baby

"Poll" for this post has been updated and works We live in a townhouse and luckily only have one neighbor. They probably hear me raise my voice. I bet they play a game of "Is she talking to the puppy or the baby?" You can play along too! I wish there were some awesome prize I could give you if you get all the answers correctly. BUT if you help us reach 10,000 pageviews, we're that much closer to a gift card giveaway! Share this post via twitter, Facebook, or good ol' fashion word of mouth :)....more

Showing and teaching compassion

I'm a selfish creature by nature. Especially at the end of a long day. Who cares about your problems when my shoes are cutting into the back of my feet, our son (J) didn't want to get in the car seat when I picked him up from daycare, and the dogs won't stop barking as soon as I step in the door?? Just leave me alone!...more
We've worked a lot on this.  Our two year old seemed to have a natural sense of caring and ...more

Questions on Disqus

Hope you had a great weekend, whether or not it was a 3-day.Thanks to everyone who chimed in about commenting systems. It seems that bloggers are frustrated with "default" commenting systems. I've made the switch to Disqus, and someone at Disqus actually posted a response to my post! That's more than I can say for the silent Blogger (boo!)....more

Rant about commenting systems

I've dedicated the past 2 Fridays to "Reader Appreciation" posts. But I think I'm going to move to once-a-month of such posts. I think it's a great way to sum up the month and appreciate you without overdoing it.Is that ok? Will you still feel the love? Because I've felt the love this week. It's been the most commented-on week since I started this blog! Thanks, friends!...more
@Ms Batman Wow, that's nice that WP does that. I tried WP for a while and didn't like the free ...more

Puppy love, literally

When we first started thinking about getting a second dog, the hubby and I first considered rescuing a young adult dog. Unfortunately, most people give up older dogs (so sad and age-ist!).Since Coco (our first dog) was only 2, and we really wanted a play companion for her, we kept looking and waiting....more

American vs. Parisian parenting

I wanted so bad to comment on the Tiger Mom debate of last year but missed the boat! So I'm going to jump on the bandwagon and provide my two cents on the Parisian vs American parenting discussion before it's yesterday's news. I'd love to hear your two cents too!...more