Encoding Conjugal Rights and Duties

It was recently decided in a French court that you can sue your spouse for lack of you-know-what. I decided therefore, that to keep everyone on the same page, we need to encode our rights and duties vis a vis sex in a marriage.Visit my blog for the full "legal" description....more

The Unofficial USA Citizenship Test

As an immigrant and now a naturlised citizen of the USA, I had to take the Citizenship test, learning 100 civics questions in preparation. Quite frankly, they went in one ear and out the other. I could have done with more practical information, and so came up with my own Citizenship test. Tongue in cheek of course.Read more at my Pond Parleys blog ...more

The Culling Fields

I'm taking a stand against my recipe collection. Pop over to my blog Expat Mum and join me....more

Living the (American) Dream

I'm a British expat living in the States; a dual citizen and, I"d like to think, open to both cultures and attitudes. At my blog Pond Parleys, we're discussing the glass-half-full versus glass-half-empty question. Which are you/ Is there a typical American attitude? Join the discussion here....more

I'm Such a Winner

Oh yes - I'm a winner alright. Find out why at my latest blog post - Expat Mum....more

Who Will Heal the Spirits?

An update from my friends in hait who run L'Hopital de la Communaute (Haitian Community Hospital) in Port au Prince. You can find more news about them at http://www.haithosp.org or on their Facebook page - Haitian Community Hospital. The pace has slowed down; there are less amputations, but now the longer term problems are looming. What will happen when international relief ends? And this: ...more

We Have Yet to Cry.....

Earthquake Update from my friend's family, January 20th 2010 "Yesterday, I sat down most of the day, and that is a measure of progress.  I was at the door, making sure all employees and volunteers were tagged.  Many volunteers had been doing diverse tasks, and we felt the need to specialize them.  We have to keep a firm person at the door with the regular security man because we want to slow the flow of visitors, family members, and lookers....more

Haiti - A first hand report

A Haitian friend's family runs a hospital in Port au Prince. Miraculously it wasn't damaged in the quake and now, understandably, they are overwhelmed.  Here is an e-mail from my friend followed by a first hand report of what's going on in Haiti: ...more

A Christmas Public Service Announcement

I"m sure of you're a parent, you thought or said, most of this. I just thought I'd do everyone a favor and put it all in one place: PEOPLE- if you're buying gifts for children who aren't your own, here are a few big, big hints: ...more