School Lunch: A History Lesson in Politics

Congress is making a decision on School Lunch legislation today. On the table is a plan that would remove competitive junk foods and fast foods from schools, and increase funding a bit. However that funding comes from taking away SNAP (food stamp) funds.From Jamie Oliver's School Food Revolution to my own battles over "Why Can't I Eat What My Friends Do?" now that the kiddo is in public school, there is a whole lot out there on school lunch....more

Last year I spent a lot of time in a lower elementary school, and I went to lunch with the kids ...more

'Tis the Season for Food Donations

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Economic Research Service (USDA) reported on November 19, 2009 that 49 million Americans, including nearly 17 million children, are food insecure, according to their 2009 report on Household Food Insecurity....more

Christmas Brunch: Herbed Waffles with Smoked Salmon

We'll be serving Christmas brunch this year. I want to serve something special, but not have to work that hard. By the time we make Christmas Eve dinner and survive the holiday events leading up to Christmas, well, let's keep it simple. This dish is similar to one I had at a favorite breakfast place with the best ever scones. The place closed, but not because of the food quality. I miss the scones terribly and decided to make my own version of the smoked salmon recipe. Smoked Salmon on Herb Waffle with Creme Fraiche ...more

Spend Under $100.00 and Give the Gift for a Lifetime

We rounded the corner of Target in search of a green floodlight, my husband's answer to easy outdoor holiday lighting. Instead, we were head on facing the aisle endcap display of a box set of not one, not two, but EIGHT Disney Princess Barbies. All shiny, scantilly-clad PVC- and pthalate-laden plastic glory via China. A real bargain at $69.99, I tell you. I cringed. ...more

Dinner, Brunch, and Parties and Cookies ... Oh My!

After 14 hours of cooking for Thanksgiving, and almost as many hours eating, I am ready to take a break from the kitchen! The break will last, oh, about a day. Then all the planning begins anew. In the weeks ahead, the holiday schedule will include a Christmas Eve dinner, leftover buffet on Christmas, a family brunch, and appetizers for a New Year's party... Oh, and cookies. Which is where I need your help. I have a friend whose daughter is allergic to eggs. I need the absolute BEST EVER egg-free cookie recipes. Can you help? ...more

But for anything else, we buy norgran egg replacer.  It's ...more

Who Wants to Be the Obama's Chef?

Well, I do. Of course. But I am "taking applications" for the job for a fun post. ...more

Hey, What About Thanksgiving? Recipes and Reflections

The Halloween candy has not even hit the bargain bin yet and already the shelves are going red and green. Wait a minute. Where's Thanksgiving? You know, the holiday created around sharing our blessings with family and friends, cherishing what you have, not shopping for more? Oh yeah. That doesn't sell on the store shelves. And that is exactly why Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. That, and it's a holiday with FOOD. ...more


I dread any kind of shopping in a tourist area — other than food shopping. It seems like every time you walk into a “gift” shop, the place is filled with the same cheap crap from China just stamped with the location name where you are. Enough landfill fodder already. ...more

Fat and Happy Meals Out, Healthy and Seasonal In

The Center for Science in the Public Interest just published a report detailing the nutrition and caloric content of kids' meals from 13 major chains. The result? An astounding NINETY-THREE percent of the 1,474 meal options exceeded the caloric limit of 430 calories for a child's meal. The 430 is based on one-third of a the recommended daily allowance of calories for a child aged four to eight. Worst options: ...more

The Small Screen with the Big Impact

I hate SpongeBob. Okay, not exactly SpongeBob, but more precisely I have a strong suspicion of all commercial media aimed at my child. You see, a rather frightening statistic is that, on average, children watch FOUR HOURS of TV per day. For these children, that means 30,000 commercials a year. 80 percent are for junk foods. ...more

The Montessori school my kids attend actively discourages "screen time" in general, ...more