Berry Melon Martini

A martini is your basic cocktail's older, sassier cousin. Smooth, refreshing and complex, the perfect martini deserves to be savored in small doses, like a rich dark chocolate.Sadly, martinis are often overlooked during the summer. High temperatures and humid air conjure thoughts of sangria and margaritas, leaving the martini out in the cold.I adore martinis too much to ignore them for an entire season. That's why I'm loving the Berry Melon Martini. This beauty will add some sass and class to your next cookout. Directions are below!...more

The Amateur Mother

One of my favorite novels is The Amateur Marriage by Anne Tyler. The story follows Michael and Pauline, two starry eyed lovers who marry during the Second World War. I’ve read the book several times, fascinated by the characters as they navigate through the complexities of marriage, all while having no idea how to find their way. As much as they try to grow as a couple, they remain amateurs, never really moving forward....more

How To Get Your Kids To Brush Their Teeth

I learned two lessons from the events behind today’s post:1. Don’t ignore chronic tooth pain.2. Our kids learn more from us than we think they do....more

To My Sister, On the Eve of Motherhood

Any day now my sister will join the ranks of some of the strongest, bravest and most powerful women in the world: mothers. Motherhood embraces each of us in its own way. We never know exactly how it will impact us until we cross its threshold, forever changed, nevermore the person we once were....more