My Experiences with Postpartum Depression

After the births of each of my children, I went through periods of postpartum depression, which I am still going through today. The one surprising thing is that after the birth of each child, the PPD symptoms were different.  Just like each child is completely different, so were my mental health problems, I suppose....more

Gaiam Yoga Kicked My Ass in 10 Minutes

A few weeks ago I purchased a new fitness DVD, Gaiam’s 5 Day Fit Weightloss Yoga, and yesterday I finally put it in my dvd player and did it! I honestly forgot I purchased it! I love everything Gaiam, my yoga mat is a pretty purple with a lotus flower design from the same company. My water bottle is from Gaiam....more

How I Made J A Father

Obviously, babies are made the way babies are made, and I won't get into a thorough discussion about it, since I was never really certain when my precious little Princess was actually created, but nevertheless, sometime at the end of June, I discovered I was pregnant. ...more

Life Lessons: Assumptions

If there's one lesson I've learned in my life, so far, that I can pass on to your wondrous ears (or eyes), is to never assume anything. Oh, you've heard this one before? Well, how often do you actually follow it? I believe this to be one of life's most important lessons. When you assume something, anything, about anybody, you're also in danger of passing on some kind of judgement, which is also a faux pas in my eyes. ...more

Less Is More

We hear this phrase in relation to almost every aspect of life - decor, fashion, life - as in: have one or two main focal points in a room, pare down your accessories, get rid of that clutter to live clearly. This version of Less is More pertains to a slightly more superficial matter, but not one that should ever be overlooked - I'm talking about the makeup on our faces. ...more

Breaking the Mould

I am not sure if it's just me, but I find that working and staying at home keeps putting me in a rut. These ruts cleverly disguise themselves as routines, but I find in actually they turn into ruts - something tedious and boring that I end up doing everyday that prevents me from doing what I actually want to do, or even something different. I believe this is generally due to my laziness, but I get so caught up in it until it bothers me. Recent ruts? ...more

Notes on a Monday

Firstly, I'd like to thank you all for the Mother's Day wishes - it was oh so grand! A weekend of fun and relaxation - and nothing went to plan! On Saturday I took Princess to a movie, Monsters vs Aliens, which was cute, and we had a little picnic - then off to Grandpa's she did go! J & I spent the evening in, watching movies and eating pizza, our absolute favourite food in the world. ...more

A Little thing called Time Management

I have never really thought of a well-functioning life to have any thing to do with Time Management, but lately it the word has been popping up everywhere. A number of blogs have taken to writing about it, there are whole books on time management for stay at home moms even, and I, as a Working-at-Home-Mom (or WAHM for short), realised that the key to success might actually be through time management. Well, at least of some sort or another. ...more

London is Calling

For as long as I can remember, I have always dreamed of living in a foreign city - foreign to me, and not necessarily of a different language. First I have dreamed of 'making it' in New York City, on the little island called Manhattan that never slept. Then it was the dream of living in Paris, eating macarons, drinking lattes, and writing by a little window whose view showed off the Eiffel Tower. ...more

       It is so awesome that you are planning to move to London I assure you that you'll ...more