The Trouble With Christmas

The trouble with Christmas is that for so many people, there is no Christ in Christmas. Yes, even people who profess to be Christians have no mention of Christ in their Christmas celebrations. It is all about Santa, and Christmas trees, and who they should give gifts to and how many they should give, and how much they should spend. I wonder how many of us ever even think about Jesus and what he means other than to use his birthday as a reason to overeat, overspend, and judge others? When you put Christ back in your own Christmas, then you will have the right to tell others to do so....more

When Dreams Come True

You know that sound you hear sometimes in movies, that sounds sort of like a needle being dragged abruptly across an old vinyl record? The one they use just before they suddenly stop the action and back up to an earlier point in time? Well, imagine that you are hearing that sound right about now! read more here ...more

Another Project Completed!

I did not know how freeing it would be to get Becky's quilt on the road to being finished! Just the very idea that it is on the long arm machine has let me tackle other projects that have gone undone. Read More ...more

A Night Out On The Town In Atlanta

Last weekend the FabGrandpa and I crawled down out of the woods to spend the weekend with Becky, our daughter. She lives in a high rise condo in downtown Atlanta, just down Peachtree Street from the Fox Theater. read more ...more

New to Using Blogher

Although I have been registered with Blogher for more than a year, I have not actually done anything here until this week. I had posted my intro a couple of days ago, but it seems to have disappeared, so I am trying again. My husband and I live fulltime in a travel trailer, and work in campgrounds to make a living. We have been doing this for going on 8 years now and love every minute of it. So far, we have worked in Georgia, Texas, Florida, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. This spring we are going to Missouri. We have four grown children and four grandchildren. ...more

I think your other intro was below the ad. It's easy to overlook those because of all of the ...more

Almost Finished

Are you a lister? By that, I mean, do you keep a list of things you need to do, should do, must do, either written down on a piece of paper or in your head? I am very obsessive compulsive about MAKING lists of things I need to do. But when it comes to actually DOING those things, well, that is a different story. Sometimes I feel like I will literally die if I don’t have that list in my pocket. But there are some things on that list that have been on it for years! read more here: ...more


My profile tells me I have been a member her for a 1 year and 19 weeks, but I am just now getting around to introducing myself. Seems like it takes me forever to do anything. ...more

Hi Fabgrandma! I recognize you from another blog site! :)