I'm not dead yet!

x-posted at faboo mama  Today I ran AND completed--thank you very much--my first race. I ran the Santa Monica Classic 5K/10K. I did the 5K. ...more

I just stopped in to say hello.  Your name came up in this ...more

Obama's big win

Heavily edited and x-posted from my blog Tonight was a big win for Obama. Yeah, I'm bummed that he didn't win CA, but not surprised. As I'll keep repeating, the voters of CA are incredible morons and supremely moderate. They never want to try something new. Uninformed stick-in-the-muds is my "polite company" term for the majority of our voters. ...more

The Democratic party has a strong infrastructure in southern California. We got Diane Finestein, ...more

ELECTION '08: UCLA Obama Rally

x-posted at my blog Wow. What an experience. I'm glad I went, though I should have left the little girl at home. She wanted to leave before it started! I took 107 photos, so I'll just post some of them here an tell you what's happening as we go along. ...more

I saw most of it on C-SPAN but I really enjoyed reading your first hand experience and your ...more

Women, Race and Hillary Clinton

Indulge me a bit in posting on "old news", but there's a discusion going on in the blogosphere about the Senator, with the basis in feminism. On BooMan Tribune, Arthur Gilroy has decided that women, particularly left-leaning, blogging women, hate Clinton because: ...more

Where you say, "And sometimes I have to represent becasue if not, there would be no one at the ...more

Is it a "dog whistle" when White people do it?

I know dog whistle politics. We've watched the GOP hone it to a science, that's no longer a "dog whistle", but rather an air raid siren when they use their code words to signal the religious right, racists and money people. We know this. ...more

NEVADA: Labor backs Obama

Well, Sen. Obama locked up endorsements from the local NV chapters of Culinary Union Workers and the SEIU. That's certainly good for the Senator, but I am scratching my head as to why these labor organizations did not back Edwards. Edwards, who has been running for president since '04, has been fine tuning his campaign to position himself as a champion of labor. Obama...I don't know what he'll do for labor, specifically. ...more

Are you lonesome tonight?

Aw...I feel so bad for this person. I've always had a soft spot for people who look like they're being left out. I always try to find ways to include people. Probably because of my own being different that I do it. Growing up, I never had female friends. In school, it was because I was Muslim. At the mosque, it was because I was black. It also didn't help that I was younger than most people in my classes. Somehow, it never really affected me. I never has an urge to belong with my peers or coworkers. ...more

Working out

cross-posted at faboo mama 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and get them sit ups right and Tuck your tummy tight and do your crunches like this... ~The New Workout Plan ...more