Weekly Meal Plan!

If you’ve been reading this week, then you know I’m in Maine visiting friends and family, so of course I’m not personally menu planning this week. But, I am still writing one out for you, using some of our favorite dinners that I just know you would love! Enjoy! ...more

Happy Hour!

via I’ve been back in New England for 48 hours, and I think I’ve only slept six of them. We landed in Boston at 8am on Monday morning after taking the redeye in from Seattle. If you’ve traveled with kids, you know that its impossible to sleep on the plane, so I was surviving Monday on fumes and caffeine ....more

Pumpkin-Spaghetti Squash Mac and Cheese Boats

Spaghetti Squash stuffed with a creamy mix of cheeses, pumpkin, pork, and veggies-this dinner is comforting and hearty! I am probably up in the air, soaring through the clouds as you’re reading this. I’m heading back home to Maine with my kids today for the next two weeks and I am truly looking forward to it....more

Three Cheese Pancetta Stuffed Pretzels

Soft and warm, large pretzels, stuffed with three different cheeses and crispy pancetta are melt-in-your-mouth delicious! I’ve been super into reading lately, even more-so than usual, if that’s possible. But so much so that, by the time dinner rolls around, I don’t really want to cook, Id rather sit back with a good book and a glass of wine and relax ....more

Weekly Meal Plan!

Hiii! Hows this meal planning thing working out for you? Are you using it, loving it, hating it? ...more

Obsessing Over!

trader joe’s cookie butter cups I bought these as a bribe to my kids, after a long, rainy, day of shopping, running errands, and them being super patient with me, when I told them we had one more store to go to, because mommy needed wine, and my three year old groaned, I said I would buy him a treat. Don’t judge. I will fully admit that I am in no way above bribing my children to sit still in a store ....more

Dark Chocolate, Pumpkin Butter, & Butterscotch Skillet Cookie

A sweet, soft, and gooey pumpkin butter, dark chocolate, and butterscotch filled skillet cookie, with crispy edges! The amount of sweets this time of year is crazy, right?! So many new recipes coming out everyday for desserts and cookies, cakes, bars, homemade candy…there’s not enough time to try everything! ...more

Indian Spiced Roasted Squash Soup with Curried Chickpeas

Homey and Comforting with a bit of heat, this Indian Spiced Roasted Squash Soup, topped with crispy Chickpeas, is bursting with flavors and will you warm you to the bone! Oh hey last week of October, whats up? I don’t think I am ready to say goodbye to you quite yet ....more

Butternut Squash Risotto with Pancetta and Brussels Sprouts

Creamy Butternut Squash Risotto topped with salty Pancetta and Crispy Brussels Sprouts. This labor of love is worth every single minute! Can you even believe that it’s already the end of October? ...more

Weekly Meal Plan!

Did you try any off of last weeks Meal Plan? The Thai Red Curry Beef was amazing! Tonight we’re having those Pot Roast Sandwiches-can’t wait! ...more